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Outspoken Obama Critic & Former US Intelligence Operative to Appear in Canadian Court – Again – For 2014 “Firearms Violation”

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Published on: March 4, 2015

This week, Instigator News Network contributor and author Dr. Jim Garrow is scheduled to appear for yet another hearing in a Canadian court, in the ongoing ordeal of his firearms bust last summer in Canada.

Shortly after returning to Canada from one leg of a major US speaking tour last August, Garrow discovered a snub-nosed pistol that did not belong to him in the camper he had used on the speaking tour.

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As Garrow reported when I interviewed him last year, he showed the firearm to his police officer son-in-law. Rather than investigating the situation and Garrow’s claims further, the son-in-law returned the pistol to Garrow; later, an army of Royal Canadian Mounted Police descended upon his home. The son-in-law had turned Garrow in.

“In order for these charges to be laid, my Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees were egregiously violated,” Garrow told me earlier this week. “I turned the gun which was planted in my travel trailer over to my son in law – a police officer – who examined it, and declared it to be not only a restricted weapon, but an illegal one in anyone’s possession. He then gave it back to me without ever asking the pertinent questions like “Is this yours..? Where did you get it..?”

By not asking the questions that any police officer should have asked, and then turning Garrow over to the RCMP, the officer was in violation of Garrow’s rights protected under the Charter.

I wouldn’t have believed any of this had I not seen much of it unfold before my eyes. An outspoken critic of President Barack Hussein Obama, our president must perceive Garrow as a thorn in his side at least. After having Garrow (more or less unknown to Obama at the time) bumped as a contender for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in the dirty political scrambling that resulted in the prize that year going to a fraud who had never accomplished anything, Obama then discovers that his rival is a veteran of four decades in an agency of the United States government.

So, along with so many loyal intelligence and military personnel, Obama had him retired.

Jim Garrow is a former educator who has engaged in philanthropic work saving baby girls from gendercide in China. He authored the book The Pink Pagoda; One Man’s Quest to End Gendercide in China. Much of the work in which he engaged during his career (such as his work in China, Africa, and other nations) was a cover for his government work.

As a man with 45 years as a covert intelligence operative, how likely does it seem that Dr. Garrow would travel in a camper from Canada into the U.S., cross the continent (at least once) then back into Canada with a firearm he didn’t know he had in his possession? Further, that he would show it to a police officer, knowing that he had violated Canada’s firearms statutes?


“I did the right thing in turning it over to a police officer, who then was responsible for advising me of my rights,” Garrow told me. “He then violated the law himself, which he acknowledged knowing, when he verbally stated that the weapon was illegal, but then gave it back into my possession rather than keeping it, doing what any police officer is responsible for doing. He did not.”

Garrow’s “error,” if you will, was simply being outspoken about Obama; the retaliation has been typical and petulant. After interfering in Garrow’s life in a number of ways, Obama is now attempting to set Garrow up for prison. The illegal follow-through by Canadian police has been astounding, but then they often cooperate with the government south of their border.

Throughout the hearings, Garrow has maintained that the weapon did not belong to him.

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