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Oxford Immunologist & Geneticist: “These Vaccines Are Unlikely To ‘Completely Sterilize’ A Population” (Video)

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Published on: December 7, 2020

Sir John Irving Bell GBE FRS FMedSci FREng is a Canadian immunologist and geneticist. From 2006 to 2011, he was President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and since 2002 he has held the Regius Chair of Medicine at the University of Oxford, UK. He was since 2006 Chairman of the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR) but as of 2020 is just a normal member. Bell was selected to the Vaccine Taskforce sometime before 1 July 2020.  In a recent interview with Jon Snow, Bell clearly stated that the vaccines coming out for COVID are unlikely to “completely sterilize” a population, but seems to indicate that is part of the expected results.  However, he can’t be sure.

Take a look.

According to the brief description of the video:

JON SNOW DUMB STRUCK! I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Professor Sir John Bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University, and a part of the GAVI team – Sir John is a member of SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and sits on the government’s vaccine task force that has negotiated the purchase of a handful of proposed vaccines to combat coronavirus – developing AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine, said in an interview with Jon Snow that “These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They are very likely to have an effect which works in a %, say 60 or 70%.” Believe him, someone who has these levels of credentials doesn’t misspeak without correcting himself. Sterilization: 1.The process of making something free from bacteria or other living microorganisms. Microorganisms can be bacteria, fungi, archaea or protists. The term microorganisms does not include viruses and prions, which are generally classified as non-living.

Indeed, but we spoke about this with Dr. Carrie Madej, and subsequently had our YouTube channel pulled for her claims that some vaccines do carry elements in them that can result in sterilization.  Interestingly enough, YouTube has left this one up.  I guess the Brigade 77 hasn’t targeted this one yet like they did mine.

A History Of Vaccines To The Present Pfizer COVID Vaccine & Their Dangers With Dr. Carrie Madej

In more from the video description:

I am sure any infertility will be blamed on the virus. Will they blame infertility on Covid19? Look at these links or google it.


Please note there is such a thing as “sterilizing immunity” However that is not the case here:

December 2, 2020: “Although the vaccines in late-stage trials seem to be highly effective at preventing symptomatic COVID, we can’t yet be sure that they prevent transmission of the virus.

For this, we would need a vaccine that provides so-called sterilising immunity. This is where immune cells can bind to the virus to prevent it from entering cells where it can start to replicate. So even six weeks after receiving the first jab, you may still get infected with the coronavirus – even if you don’t get sick.

Studies from the preclinical phase of the Oxford vaccine found that rhesus macaques that were immunized with the vaccine were protected from serious disease and had no evidence of lung damage. But they still had coronavirus infection in their upper-respiratory tract and virus shedding from their noses. If this is the same with humans, it would suggest that while they will be protected from symptomatic disease, they might still spread the virus.”

“I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.”

With the Red Cross President demanding the media and government silence those who are raising awareness of these dangerous vaccines rushed to be pumped into people around the world who are not even sick, it seems timely that this guy would slip up and purposefully tell the world that these vaccines could indeed sterilize a large percentage of the population, just like the eugenics people want to do.

Red Cross President Demand Government & Media Silence Those Who Question Safety Of COVID Vaccine

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