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Paris, Terrorism, and the Effects of Ritual Sacrifice on the Masses

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Published on: November 18, 2015

Friday the 13th, 2015 TV screens across the globe suddenly flashed to alert screens and bold graphics announcing the Breaking News of large scale, coordinated, mass murder attacks taking place in Paris, France. In a matter of moments the news reporter began to run through a series of details describing where the attacks had occurred, how many are being reported as dead or injured, who claimed responsibility for the attacks and how officials were responding to the tragedy.

Our human response is immediately one of horror, and empathy for the victims as we listen to the news reporter dole out new information amidst a steady stream of live footage, images and official statements from people there at the scene. As we catch glimpses of gun fire, footage of explosions and testimony from eyewitnesses describing the horror our imaginations begin to run wild. We ask ourselves who has the capacity to target innocent civilians, why did they pick the targeted venues, how is it authorities could not stop this or protect its citizens, and why does it keep happening time and time again. As all of these things coalesce, a very predictable response begins to occur in each of our brains, we start to feel the onset of animal panic and the drive towards self-preservation. What do we have to do to prevent this from happening to us.


The Media Spell

We would assume that elected officials representing the will of the people would do anything in their power to assure the safety and protection of their citizens. They have to realize that these events shatter the illusion of trust and leadership the people place in them every time they happen. During times of mass crisis, the chaos that ensues can unleash massive upheaval and political change in an attempt by the people to regain control over their city and government to assure such an attack or event never happens again. This is why it is very counter-intuitive to think it is in the best interest of the governing class to allow the news media to spill over into the everyday lives of people across the globe and bombard them with scenes of mass murder. The logical default position of the governing class would be to isolate the problems and keep them from blowing up in the media and across the globe. This would be the only reasonable way to project authority, control and containment of any given crisis given the propensity for more people to unnecessarily panic during a crisis scenario. What we have found since the tragic events of 9/11 is the exact opposite has occurred. Instead of quiet, methodical, and private handling of internal matters of public safety, we see exploitation of the crisis through the use of globally televised, mass media coverage. The only reason the political class would allow this kind of global coverage to unfold surrounding the events of a mass shooting, a terrorist attack or national conflicts is if they felt like they could hyper-manage the anxiety and fear generated in a predetermined direction of their choosing.


Trauma Induced Mind Control

There has been numerous studies done on the effects that large scale traumatic events have on the psyche of the masses. One such research paper by Dr. Anthony R. Mawson entitledUnderstanding Mass Panic explained this response as such,

“The collective response to threat and disaster is often portrayed as tending toward hysteria and social breakdown, with mass panic (and/or violence) as the natural response to physical danger and perceived entrapment. However, mass panic is uncommon in situations such as combat (L’Etang, 1966), air-raid bombing attacks (Janis, Chapman, Gillin,& Spiegel, 1955), structural fires (Best, 1978; eating, 1982; Proulx, 2002), and disasters (Fritz & Williams, 1957; Kinston & Rosser, 1974; Noji, 1997; Quarantelli, 1960, 2001). On the contrary, expressions of mutual aid are common and tend to predominate. Nonetheless, given the September 11, 2001, attacks the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the immediately subsequent anthrax letters, and widespread continuing concerns regarding population behavior in the event of terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction (Durodie, & Wessely, 2002; Hyams, Murphy & Weesely, 2002; Levy and Sidel, 2003), a fresh appraisal of the literature on collective responses to threat and disaster is needed. The review indicates that the typical response to a variety of physical threats is neither “fight nor flight” but affiliation—that is seeking the proximity of familiar persons and places, even though this may involve approaching or remaining in a situation of danger; indeed, separation from attachment figures is a greater stressor than physical danger itself. Such observations can be explained by an alternative, “social attachment” model of collective behavior under threat, a model that recognizes the fundamentally social nature of human beings and the primacy of attachments.”

To summarize Mawsons findings we can say that the political class has discovered that humans when confronted with mass crisis and chaotic situations will actually develop stronger social attachments to their respective population groups and cleave to their leadership to the point of overriding that of initial animal panic and fear. This is important when realizing how this response is being manipulated on a global scale through the grand standing of political leaders. The images, footage, and official PR events are less about producing facts for public consumption and more about creating and re-enforcing an emotional bond with our leaders, and creating a national affiliation that can then be channeled toward a US Vs. THEM mentality in the masses.

In America we are bombarded with scenes of terrorism, and after each respective event our illustrious leader gets up on a elevated platform, delivers a speech condemning the evil, asks each citizen to put aside political posturing and to unify under his leadership as they initiate plans to up-root the cause of the terrorism in their country. Which almost always consists of more bloodshed through extensive foreign military campaigns. While in the Middle Eastern media their people are being shown images of drone strikes, their children riddled with bullet holes, homes being destroyed and occupying forces patrolling their city streets. Their respective leaders are getting up in public squares and on Television themselves and decrying the Western invasion in the same spirit and fervor unifying their own people towards violence and extremism in the face of insurmountable odds. As a result nobody in the political class has any desire to put a end to the cycle of violence on either side. They inherently know that the chaos only gives them more power and devoted cult like zeal in the form of nationalism to conduct their agenda without the natural oversight and limiting powers typically afforded to them in times of peace.

Most people understand that justice should be limited to the perpetrators alone, and retribution should be limited and proportional to the actual crime committed. The ability to take the crimes of a few and extend punishment to encompass and demonize a whole people group is universally frowned upon by all and violates the Law of Nations. You can’t simply point the finger at a country without cause and say that they are our enemy we must bomb them, when the actual perpetrators, the ones that actually committed the crime died in suicide attacks. This notion of punishing another for someone else’s criminal actions is a evil mind set and is the first evidence towards ulterior motives by the powers that be. This is exactly what the Bush Administration did. The 9/11 Hijackers died in the attacks, yet Iraq and Afghanistan were made to suffer for the crimes of these 18 hijackers and went further to classify a report that shows Saudi Arabia financed them. Now Libya, Egypt and Syria are also being targeted and soon to be Iran if the NATO partner nations have their way without interference from Russia. What we are experiencing now in the form of a massive refugee crisis and subsequent terrorist attacks is a diabolical plot by our own Pentagon to foment and even create manufactured terrorist attacks in the West to provide what was stated above as a chain of crisis events that can serve to unify the Western nations towards extended military campaigns in the west. Without Question the US alongside allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia have been funding, arming and protecting ISIS as shown here in this video of ISIS caravans being protected by Apache Helicopters.

Step into the Circle

Paris has a long history of occult fascination. The spiritual component of all that is going on in the world today cannot be overlooked. We typically think of black magic as witches and candles and flamboyant incantations. This is not how it really works. A much better example of how ritualistic magic works is what we see in the political sphere. What we are witnessing on a national stage in my opinion is sorcery of the highest order.

Sorcery is defined as the art, practices, or spells of magic, esp black magic, by which it is sought to harness occult forces or evil spirits in order to produce preternatural effects in the world.

What we talked about earlier is the ability of the elite to entrap the attention of the entire world on traumatic events to illicit a predetermined response out of the population at large. We looked at this from the psychological secular view. Now let’s look at this from the view of the occult. Aleister Crowley who went by an assortment of names including that of Frater Perdurabo wrote this,

The Magick, in Paris, France:

“…it was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal , and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly. The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape…For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” (Magick, by Master Therion, published in 1929 by the Lecram Press, Paris, France)

A footnote on p. 95 says: “(4) It appears from the Magical Records of Frater Perdurabo that he made this particular sacrifice on an average about 150 times every year between 1912 and 1928.

What we have to recognize here is that if we are to create “preternatural effects in the world” and to harness the supernatural powers of evil spirits, one must conduct human sacrifice for the highest of spiritual workings according to Aleister Crowley. He would know, seeing he holds the title for the Wickedest Man in the World, and has written volumes on the subject.

In Ephesians 6:12 Paul the Apostle talks about the spiritual powers that assign themselves to the highest levels of worldly power and exercise power behind the scenes.

He states, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

So when we see terrorist attacks and grand standing by our political elite we are not seeing isolated events that so happen to embolden their foreign policy and agendas. No, what we are seeing is meticulously thought out, very intentional and very willful acts of human sacrifice that entrap the attention of the masses in a trance like fashion. These events are then spun like incantations and spells through the power of mass media all over the globe causing presidents, dignitaries, diplomats, bureaucrats, police chiefs, on down, to line up behind the agenda of the dark magicians wielding power behind the scenes.

In the same way that the tribal chiefs would gather all of the ancient Mayan people at the base of the pyramid to watch them cut out the hearts of countless slaves under the black gaze of an eclipsed sun for the sole purpose to strike fear and trauma in the hearts of the people. So do our leaders force us to gather around the soulless gaze of the TV and watch their heavily manipulated and contrived terroristic events unfold until we ourselves give in to the desires of the elite towards total world domination. This has become the ritual of our times.

This is the reality of these events, they are planned, like a sorcerer who careful watches the calendar for the upcoming occultic dates and planetary alignments, who then inscribes the magical circles, performs the ritual sacrifice, and then channels the demon spirits towards the predetermined desires. The actions of our leadership have more in common with Aleister Crowley than they do with statesmen such as our founding fathers.

The stated solution of funding ISIS terrorists groups, toppling regimes, creating humanitarian crisis’s, overthrowing democratically elected leaders, and  bombing civilians have done little to assure the nations safety, but they have gone a long way towards the demonic realization of a New World Order.

So when Paul talked about the rulers of the darkness of this world he wasn’t speaking metaphorically in his time and he most certain isn’t speaking in such terms today. Sign up for the Wake the Church Newsletter for more columns like this and watch my movie Christ Alone to stay ahead of the devil’s schemes. A Christian sidelined by the tactics of the enemy is of no use to God. So you can do one of two things hate Muslims and be manipulated in a very evil, spiritual way, or you can see through the spell and indoctrination and pray for the peace of our nation and the salvation of those who don’t know Christ.


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