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Pastor Gets Beat As His Wife Shoots Armed Robber

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Published on: October 13, 2016

A Philadelphia pastor was being beaten by an armed robber when his wife pulled out a gun and shot the armed man who was attempting to rob her and her family.

Guns in the News reports:

The Pastor, his wife and 12-year-old son were returning home when they were approached by a man armed with what appeared to be a rifle Thursday night.

Police say a struggle began when the man demanded the pastor’s wallet and hit the pastor on the head with the weapon. Police say that’s when the pastor’s wife pulled out her licensed gun and yelled “drop the weapon” several times.

Pastor Robert Cook, 48, told WPVI-TV, “Everything was like lightning for a minute.”

The 66-year-old suspect was armed with what appeared to be a rifle near Saint James Lutheran Church. However, police claim that the only weapon they found was a nail gun that was altered to appear as a gun.

Cook was hit in the head by his attacker and believed he was going to be killed.

“And I turned like I was going to get my wallet, but I was stalling,” Cook recalled. “And he hit me in the head with the gun. He swung it like a baseball bat. This is the first time I actually thought I’d die.”

He says he told his wife to shoot the suspect and she did.

“I heard my wife saying, drop the gun, drop the gun,” he added. “I’m like she’s got her gun. He turns towards her, and I said, ‘Shoot him! Shoot him!’ And she shot him.”

The pastor’s wife, 38, is also possesses a concealed carry permit.    

“Once he backed off from my husband and my son, it might have been a foot, two feet or something like that, but he still had the gun in his hand, he wouldn’t drop it,” said Stephanie Cook. “As long as he had that gun in his hand, I knew he was a threat.”

However, after the suspect was shot, a twist developed. He began to accuse Pastor Cook of being the actual robber.

“He started telling people that I was the robber and I shot him, so people started coming out after me, and I kept the gun on his face the whole time in case he did something,” said Pastor Cook.

Yet, the man jumped on the running boards of a moving vehicle and escaped, according to police. They later apprehended him and he was treated for a leg wound at Aria-Frankford Hospital.

Neither the pastor’s wife nor their son were injured in the encounter.

“When we got our guns we were like we got them, but we hope we never have to use them,” Cook said. “If it comes down to my family or him, and it’s him, I’m sorry.”

I agree, guns are not for brandishing or to make someone feel superior, but rather are a last resort to use to defend one’s self, one’s loved ones and one’s community. Well done Mrs. Cook!

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