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Pastor’s Letter to Ferguson and America: “Take Control of your Family and Community, then YOU will have Control”

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Published on: August 30, 2014

As we’ve witnessed the past couple of weeks, the Liberal black media serves up the same monotone left wing propaganda, based on the tragedy of another young black life.

Watching this happen again, one of the pastors in my Pastor Network wrote a letter to Ferguson — and to all of America, black or white — that I think you will want to read.

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For Pastor Mason Weaver, what happened in Ferguson is very personal because he lives in St. Louis. And his words are very straight-forward. America needs more pastors like Pastor Weaver to speak out!

I know this because it was a pastor who told me to change my life years ago with words that I was not prepared to hear. But that’s what it took to make me listen and you know the rest of my story.

I think you will agree, that when we add more voices like Pastor Weaver to our chorus, we will change lives.

Ferguson! The distraction.
by Pastor Mason Weaver

The entire world is watching and even criticizing America over the news out of Ferguson, Missouri and the death of a black citizen at the hands of a local policeman.

Really? We are being scrutinized by Iran? Russia has an opinion about freedom? China has advice on how we should act? You mean to tell me the United Nations is concerned about America’s treatment of black people living here?

Let’s be honest! We all know the truth! We all see the solution but do not want to pay the cost of declaring the truth to a nation afraid of the truth. Only slaves get angry and frustrated by injustice, because only slaves think others have power over their lives. Free people do not riot and burn down their own stores (unless their favorite team wins the championship) because they know the power is theirs.

The residents of Ferguson have given their political, social, economical and spiritual power over to others. Unless change is made on an individual level, you will always experience frustration. If you support radio and television stars who call you “bitches” and “hos,” then don’t cry when your children become “bitches” and “hos.”

If the only job you recognize and look up to are pimps and drug dealers, if your children witness you not going to work while supporting abusive services, then expect them to reflect what you tolerate.

Stand up Ferguson, stop complaining, stop being angry and start taking care of your business. You know what you need to do, we will stand with you, but you must clean your own house. We will not clean it for you.

Elect the next mayor, announce in advance who the next police chief will be. All of you marching pastors get in the pulpit and declare your deacon board for city council. Then watch what happens!

Want the solution? Stop electing people who abuse you. You elect the chief, then complain about police? You elect the city council, mayor and school board, yet complain?

Take control of your family and community, then YOU will have control. You are responsible, whether you exercise that responsibility or not.


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