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PayPal’s Business With Designated Terror Group & Degenerate Websites Exposed After Banning Infowars

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Published on: September 27, 2018

Infowars is not taking the beating they are taking without a fight, nor are they going quietly into the night.  In a recent article, Kelen McBreen exposes the hypocrisy of Paypal banning Infowars from using its services while conducting business with not only sites that promote bad behavior and graphic content, but also with designated terror organizations.

One of the sites McBreen pointed to that Paypal does business with is the website WorldStarHipHop.  According to McBreen, the website hosts such headlines as:

  • “What A Shame: Parents Let 9-Year-Old Child Get Tattooed In Ohio!”
  • “Couple That Fades Together, Stays Together: Newlyweds Get Into A Brawl Inside A Nightclub!”
  • “Mother Brings 2 Year Old Son To Her Fight With Another Girl”
  • “She’s Freaky: Chick Sucks On A Cucumber While Twerking!”

Another site that is famous for hosting videos of Islamic beheadings and murders, along with other violent, graphic content such as fatal car accidents and shootings if LiveLeak.  Among some of the headlines for LiveLeak are:

  • “Naked woman on a roadway”
  • “2 blokes crushed by car falling off ramp”
  • “Drunk Girl Getting Run Over by SUV”

“PayPal also provides service to numerous live webcam sites where people perform sex acts on camera in exchange for money.

There is no telling how many other degenerate websites the company does business with, but it is clear that many of them post more controversial content than Infowars.”

Paypal also worked with designated terror group and Muslim Brotherhood-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to raise money.

According to Paypal’s website promoting CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area office:

Civil rights advocacy remains at the center of CAIRs work. CAIR has served more than 25,000 victims of discrimination since its founding. Our California offices receive a total of approximately 800 inquiries a year and work to resolve them through mediation, negotiation, public pressure or, if necessary, through legal action. Our services are provided free of charge to the community.

In 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared CAIR A terror organization.  That was followed by Egypt also declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization, of which CAIR is merely a front group.

Infowars also reported on this hypocrisy earlier this month.

Given the controversy, you’d think a company like Paypal would at least create some distance so to not appear too political, but since then Paypal has helped CAIR run major fundraisers on its platform.

Donations to CAIR are apparently funneled through the PayPal Giving Fund, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Although it officially claims to be “non-partisan,” CAIR has attended numerous events alongside leftist organizations throughout the years.

“The political contributions by the CAIR officials that could be identified so overwhelmingly favor the Democratic Party that I was only able to find three donations in the two-year 2006 political cycle that went to Republicans,” reported Front Page Magazine’s Patrick Poole in 2006, as reposted by the Free Republic.

This suggests that Paypal does take political sides, and that the banning of Alex Jones – and other conservatives – was politically-motivated.

Although CAIR did enjoy good relations with the Obama administration, the FBI cut ties with the organization back in 2009.

“Despite its good standing in Washington, CAIR has had its share of controversy,” reported Fox News in 2014. “In 2007, the organization was named along with 300 others as an unindicted co-conspirator in a case regarding funding to extremist group Hamas.

“Its critics have long accused the group of having ties to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.”

CAIR downplayed the accusations, but that didn’t stop the FBI from severing ties.

“The FBI is severing its once-close ties with the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, amid mounting evidence that it has links to a support network for Hamas,” Fox News reported in 2009. “All local chapters of CAIR have been shunned in the wake of a 15-year FBI investigation that culminated with the conviction in December of Hamas fundraisers at a trial where CAIR itself was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator.”

“The U.S. government has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization.”

Well, not quite.  Every attempt to designate them as such, under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, has failed in Congress due to domestic enemies disguised as representatives standing in the way, but perhaps that might soon be done away with.  We’ll see.

In any case, just as with the social media giants banning Jones in an orchestrated fashion, there is no doubt that Paypal has willy nilly decided that Infowars should suffer the same fate concerning their services, but allow for America’s enemies to benefit from them.  For anyone paying attention, this should tell you whose side Paypal is on.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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