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Peace in the Jungle: Valiant Military Vets Patrol the Street in their Chicago Neighborhood – See the Results! (Video)

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Published on: April 5, 2016

Recently, I watched a short video clip showing a group of Black military veterans in Chicago, who had taken it upon themselves to unite and go out and patrol the streets of their urban community where there had been repeated gun violence, replete with shootings of innocent passerby and children.

As these valiant men took up their posts along the routes where grade school and secondary school children traveled to and from school each day, an amazing thing happened.  Well, actually nothing happened, as the violence and gang activity ceased immediately.

You could see the delight and peace come over the children as they gazed up into the paternal eyes that were keeping vigilance as they meandered by, as children do when going just about anywhere. It reminded me of my own carefree childhood in a solid middle-class Black community in Southern California during the early 70’s.  The only thing we worried about was the latest records to buy, who the cute girls were and who had a pool where we could go swimming since it was hot on those long summer days walking home.

What I saw in those children’s eyes as they walked by the men were peace and security.  It was the same peace and security I experienced for all of my childhood except a couple of years when gang activity was just starting to bubble to the surface and flow into the outskirts of the “Leave it to Beaver land“ I called home.

What saddened me was, for these inner city children, that feeling of wellbeing would be short lived since the veterans surely couldn’t be out there every day because they had their own families and jobs to tend to.  Once gone, those quiet streets would return to the war zone inner city Chicago is infamous for.

I am reminded of a nature show I saw on TV. There was a game preserve in Africa that had a reoccurring problem in that they kept finding rhino’s dead in the preserve.  They were perplexed as to the cause of the deaths until one day, they stumbled upon several juvenile male elephants surrounding a rhino and trying to kill it.  After inquiring with a seasoned game warden at another preserve on what to do, the warden asked where the alpha male elephant was. They responded that they had retired the male as he could no longer sire offspring.

The veteran warden told them to get that male and put him back into the preserve.  They did as he requested, and do you know what happened? Well, absolutely nothing happened as the violence and violent (gang) activity ceased immediately with the juvenile males.

Obviously, I am making a correlation in what is happening in inner-city Chicago and that game preserve in Africa.  It is no secret that there is systemic family breakdown taking place in urban Black America. The national average is approximately 70 percent of black households are single parent, typically female head of household. In South East Washington, DC, that number is an appalling 89 percent. Chicago’s numbers represent the national average.

According to the MARRI Research Report (Marriage & Religious Research Institute), headed by Dr. Patrick F. Fagan, “Today, only 17 percent of black teenagers reach age 17 in a family with both their biological parents married. In no state does that percentage exceed 30 percent.”

No amount of additional social programs or the money already spent in the trillions of dollars of social re-engineering in the 50 plus years of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society Program (signed into law in 1964) is going to change what is currently taking place in Chicago and other cities across urban America.  The byproduct of liberal ideology has been broken families with no paternal influence of any significance.

What will change this depressing dynamic and heal the community is returning the father back to his rightful place in the home.  Get government out of the business of engineering families, and returning to the original blueprint laid out by the Creator of All, our Heavenly Father.

When the Bull Elephant returns to his rightful place at home and takes charge of the herd, there is safety and security; and by default, peace in the jungle.

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