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Pelosi Indicates Allegations, Not Facts, Enough For Impeachment

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Published on: January 21, 2020

How many times have we in America heard the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”?  Watch some police reality TV shows and it’s always mentioned either in writing across the screen or by the narrator.  But, do Americans know where that phrase originates?  It comes from the text of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise, infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger;  nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;  nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;  nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation – Fifth Amendment, Constitution for the united States of America. [Emphasis Mine]

It sounds pretty simple – innocent until proven guilty, right to remain silent, no double jeopardy, no depriving one of life, liberty or property without due process, and no confiscation of private property for public use without compensation.  Yet, this is not how the uneducated, illiterate individuals in the federal government see it or want it.

WND has the story.

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Last fall, Barack Obama CIA Director John Brennan announced a new legal standard for American jurisprudence.

He said Americans are innocent until they are accused of a crime.

Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has posed another new standard.

It’s not about “proof” anymore.

It’s about “allegations.”

Watch Pelosi say it.

“It’s not a question of proof, it says what allegations have been made and that has to be subjected to scrutiny as to how we go forward, but it should not be ignored in the context of other events that could substantiate some of that,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.

Do you see what is happening America?  Brennan and Pelosi arbitrarily, on their own, without any thought to natural rights, decided that individuals are only innocent until being accuses of a crime or having allegations of wrongdoing be brought against the individual.  No authority is given those two to abolish a right on a whim.  This is despotism and tyranny at its most subtle.

The Muslim Brennan started this in October of 2019 when he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” saying, “people are innocent, you know, until alleged to be involved in some kind of criminal activity”.

Brennan’s statement, being absolutely wrong and in conflict with the Fifth Amendment, told the American people that the government considers you guilty upon being “alleged” to be involved in criminal activity.  Can you see what this sets up in America?  If you are “alleged” to have committed a crime or be involved in any criminal activity, you are guilty – no trial, no jury, and no judge.  Doesn’t this set up the perfect storm for corralling people into FEMA internment camps?  Moreover, isn’t is more than coincidental this occurred during the Obama administration’s spying operation on the Trump campaign, the election of Trump as president, and the indication of impeachment proceedings should Trump be elected president?

Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who helped Edward Snowden expose the spying crimes of the US government and feature writer at ZeroHedge, tweeted a response to Brennan and ZeroHedge explained how this would unfold.

With sincere apologies in advance to all US liberals who are offended by criticisms of former CIA chiefs, @JohnBrennan‘s understanding of the presumption of innocence is completely warped, but in the most unsurprising way imaginable:

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 6, 2019

Zerohedge featured journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Twitter post on Brennan’s statement.

Greenwald wrote, “With sincere apologies in advance to all U.S. liberals who are offended by criticisms of former CIA chiefs, @JohnBrennan’s understanding of the presumption of innocence is completely warped, but in the most unsurprising way imaginable.”

Zerohedge explained: “The presumption of innocence, as a foundation of the U.S. judicial system, has seemingly been under attack since November 8th 2016. An allegation is made, media runs with the narrative, the seed of possibility of guilt is implanted in the minds of zombie Americans, and the accused is maligned forever – no court required. Simple. And now, none other than former CIA Director John Brennan clarifies exactly how the deep state sees ‘due process’…” [Emphasis Mine]

John Brennan now holds a position at CNN providing commentary and has accused Trump of treason.

The anti-constitutionalists want everything “tried” in the “court of public opinion” instead of through a court of law.  Without any proof of the commission of a crime and only “allegations” being thrown around, a court of law would not touch it with a ten foot pole;  but, the ignorant, stupid public will lap it up faster than a dog eating a steak, taking every word spoken and every allegation as truth.  As ZeroHedge indicated, the accused is maligned forever.

Think about how many individuals in the “In”justice system heard that.  How many police officers heard that?  Many police officers are “do what I’m told” brown-shirt followers of the authority of man that they would absolutely love for this to pass muster, meaning no one holds them accountable to the Fifth Amendment.  Forget the Miranda law.  Your rights were stripped away with the vile rhetoric of Nancy Pelosi and John Brennan.

By now, we should all know that rights come from God, not government.  And, despite what someone in government says, gets passed in the legislature or orders that eradicate rights, those rights are still there but won’t be recognized, guaranteed or protected by government.  It would be the opposite – trample, abuse, and negate the natural rights bestowed upon man by God.

This is exactly why the framers indicated that freedom can only be maintained when the public is armed and vigilant.  Without the means to protect one’s self from government overreach, one is at the mercy of tyrants and despots.  The ability to keep and bear arms is the force needed to maintain all other natural rights.

Seeing Pelosi say this during the sham of impeachment signals she is willing to use unfounded allegations to remove Trump from office.  The Constitution should be upheld, and impeachment proceedings used when office holders commit crimes, misdemeanors and treason while in office.  But, impeachment is required to be made on facts, not fiction.  If anyone needed to be impeached, it was Hussein Soetoro for engaging in treason and other transgressions.  Congress, holding a Republican majority, did not because John Boehner did not believe in impeachment.  It is further proof that both unconstitutional parties work in conjunction with one another to amass more power concentrated in the federal government and exercise control over the people.  We can all name the reason why this is being done and has to be done as soon as possible.

Don’t misunderstand that this implies Trump has not committed impeachable offenses;  he has.  But, the Democrat majority House is not impeaching him for those.  He is being impeached on false allegations in a dog and pony government theater show and tried in the court of public opinion.  In fact, every individual in the District of Corruption and Criminals has committed impeachable offenses.  One can bet that should impeachment proceedings be brought against them, they would expect the full protection of the tenets of the Constitution recognized and guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

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