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Pelosi Slams Trump’s Op-Ed, But It’s All Lies

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Published on: October 13, 2018

For about as long as I can remember, America has been at war.  Some “wars” were readily identifiable – Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.  Our republic deployed the military to these areas in order to quash a foe because of some violation of international law or an attack against the united States.  But, as we citizens discovered later, our government lied to us in order to justify the unlawful entry into another sovereign nation to enrich the congressional military industrial complex.

Other “wars” have not been so readily identifiable from the perspective of this American citizen.  The united States government has declared war on illicit drugs (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, crack, meth, etc.), terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, obesity, and now opioids.   These “wars” cannot be fought and won on a battlefield.  Neither are these wars won through extensive government regulation;  but, legislation has passed in an effort to win these immoral wars.  Why?  It is because those in Washington, DC, decided that such a “powerful” republic should not have problems like illicit drugs within its borders;  we should not suffer to endure poverty, illiteracy, obesity,  and terrorism within our midst.  So, politicians spewed explosive, emotional rhetoric declaring a de facto war against the societal issues justifying the passage of unlawful unconstitutional legislation;  however, illiteracy, poverty, and obesity are problems that only society can solve.  And, it is outside the authority of government to do so.  Where terrorism was concerned, government reacted by legislating away citizens’ God-given individual unalienable rights instead of protecting those rights and targeting those who engage and support terrorism.

Politicians bombarded us with rhetoric declaring many of our systems were “broken” – immigration and health care – needing reform or a total overhaul.  How can one declare our immigration system as “broken” when immigration laws are not enforced?  How can one declare our health care system lacking in quality when others throughout the world come here for care?

It’s not difficult to spew nonsense when you are Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  In response to an op-ed in USA Today penned by President Donald Trump, Pelosi countered his points in a statement.  Pelosi began with the following preamble.

President Trump’s USA Today Op-Ed is the latest pronouncement of dishonesty from Republicans desperate to hide the truth about the past two years of GOP attacks on Medicare, on protections for pre-existing conditions, and on affordable health care.

First, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and any government-run “health care insurance” program is unconstitutional.  The Constitution does not give the federal government authority over health care insurance, an individual’s health care or the health care delivery system.  Trump and Pelosi are trading “punches” over government’s usurpation of health care, health care insurance, an individual’s health care, and the creation of Medicare.

The only discussion that should be occurring in Washington, DC, is the return of health care insurance to the private sector, preserving the individual’s right to choice involving health care, dismantling Medicare, and leaving the health care delivery system in the hands of the private sector.  Neither Republicans nor Democrats have been honest regarding “their” plans on revising Obamacare.  Moreover, no substantial action has been forthcoming from both chambers involving the full repeal of the unconstitutional Obamacare.

Pelosi goes on to state “facts” that are not exactly honest.

The facts are these:

  • President Trump’s Justice Department is in federal court backing a Republican lawsuit to strike down protections for 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions.

  • Every year of his presidency, House Republicans’ budget proposals have called for approximately $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and at least $1 trillion cut from Medicaid, which seniors rely on for long-term care.

  • And while the Affordable Care Act endures because of the outcry of the American people, Republicans have done everything they can to sabotage Americans’ health coverage, driving up premiums across America, and have refused to take action to address the rising cost of prescription drugs.

In the first bullet point, Pelosi referenced the Obamacare clause protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions.  The pre-existing conditions come into play when obtaining health care insurance for the first time or reassuming a plan after the time limit has expired to obtain insurance coverage with a new plan upon changing employers, etc.  The waiting period can be anywhere from six months to a year.  But, government involvement in health care and health care insurance is unconstitutional.

Pelosi conveniently left out that the Hussein Soetoro administration blocked money from Medicare to fund Obamacare or Soetorocare.    And, proposing cuts are not finalized until a bill is passed.  And, we all know it was Obamacare/Soetorocare that skyrocketed healthcare insurance premiums to an unaffordable rate for many citizens as well as raising the cost of health care services, particularly prescription drugs.  So, this is another failure that should show citizens that government involvement in areas that should remain with the individual and private sector spell disaster.

She ignored the cost of $32.6 trillion to the federal government over ten years for the “Medicare For All” program.  While the “fact checkers” confirm the cost to the federal government is accurate, they claimed individual costs for health care would decrease and/or be eliminated altogether.  But, how does the government fund such a program and keep costs low to the consumer?  It’s called increasing taxes, which could cost more than what an individual would pay for health care insurance in the private sector, and rationing of care like all socialized medicine programs in other countries.  With our republic already over $21 trillion dollars carried in debt that cannot be repaid, do the people of this republic truly want to add another $32.6 trillion in debt for socialized medicine some think is “free”?

While Pelosi and “fact checkers” attempt to paint Trump’s op-ed assertions on “Medicare For All” as dishonest and inaccurate, one only has to look at other nations around the world that have socialized medicine to know that government rations care and denies care at times to keep costs to the government low.  If those other nations’ governments did not ration care, then foreigners would not be entering the US to access our health care system for treatment.

After sticking her foot in her mouth, Pelosi pushed on to insert her leg.

“Because they know they cannot defend their abysmal record on the health care and other kitchen table issues that matter most to hard-working Americans, Republicans want to distract and divide with false attacks on Democrats’ positions.  On immigration, Democrats are for securing our borders, protecting Dreamers, opposing the Trump Administration’s family separation policy and passing bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform.  As President Reagan said in his last speech as President, ‘Thanks to each wave of new arrivals to this land of opportunity, we’re a nation forever young, forever bursting with energy and new ideas, and always on the cutting edge, always leading the world to the next frontier. This quality is vital to our future as a nation.  If we ever closed the door to new Americans, our leadership in the world would soon be lost.’

“Republicans are for the special interests.  Democrats are For The People: lower health care costs and prescription drug prices, increase pay through strong economic growth by rebuilding America, and clean up corruption to make Washington work for the American people.

“In order to achieve health care for all Americans, Democrats will build on the foundation of the Affordable Care Act for quality, affordable and accessible health care, and fight efforts to cut Medicare and Medicaid.  And we will continue to fight the Republican assault on a healthy America.”

It should be no surprise Pelosi would address immigration and illegal alien invasion.  For much of her statements on the Democrat position concerning “immigration”, Pelosi should get a few Pinocchios.  Democrats have pushed against securing the borders of this republic for years, readily apparent under the eight-year reign of Hussein Soetoro, self-prescribed “King of America.”  It was under the Bush administration that children were separated from parents when entering the Republic illegally, which Hussein Soetoro continued;  however, no Democrat had an issue with it until one outside the “political elite” and “popular with the people” was elected to the presidency.  To say Democrats are for comprehensive immigration reform is like saying a burglar supports alarm systems.  Instead of enforcing the immigration laws already passed and have served this republic well, Democrats support opening the republic to all, unfettered, just to “buy votes” with free services paid for by the American taxpayer.  Imagine the cost of that on top of the $32.6 trillion cost of “Medicare For All.”  Pelosi is delusional if she thinks all those crossing our borders illegally are filled with “quality” that would benefit the US.  Most enter the US for the freebies, never become naturalized, and feed off the taxpayers.

The unsecured border contributes to the influx of drugs, which has led to the never-ending war on drugs.  Moreover, the US military guards poppy fields in Afghanistan used to make illicit drugs.  By now, everyone has heard the rumors of the Central Intelligence Agency bringing illicit drugs into the republic in order to fund their “black ops” and propaganda programs aimed at citizens.  How long has the DC government had to secure the border?  It’s been decades and the border remains unsecured.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans are parties “for the people.”  Both have catered to special interest and have become unresponsive to their constituents.  Both parties are filled to the brim with corruption that neither has any incentive to remove from the republic’s capital.  Moreover, the Democrat Party has no agenda except to incite violence and assault against Republicans, Trump supporters, and administration members.

In other words, it is all a bunch of “hooey.”  Regardless of which party one chooses to believe, the truth is nothing like either proclaim.  Both want votes in the mid-terms.  Both want to continue the status quo.  And, both could care two spits about the American citizen.  Remember, a president may have a platform that sounds good and is good;  but, the president cannot legislate – that is the job of Congress.  So far, both chambers of Congress have been hard at work to “stump Trump.”  It should be evident in the lame duck sessions the citizens have witnessed up to this point.

We, as a nation, have become too dependent on government to solve problems our society should address – illiteracy, poverty, obesity, and improper use of opioids.  Securing the border and controlling immigration, which is within the authority of the government, would do much to thwart terrorism and stem the illicit drug trade;  then, communities could work together to ease individuals addicted to illicit drugs. Instead of relying upon government to address illiteracy, poverty, obesity and improper use of opioids, communities should band together to assist families experiencing these issues to improve our communities.  If government performed its authorized duty, the rights of the people would not need to be trampled.  No politician in either party wants to address any of this and many citizens continue to ignore it.

It’s time to stop turning a blind eye to issues and address them in the appropriate biblical and constitutional way, instead of relying on government.  If not, we will become a dystopia of socialism instead of a free republic.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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