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Why Pence Lost the Abortion Question During the Debate

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Published on: October 6, 2016

It’s hard to unlearn something, especially when the paradigm is so popular. This is the problem with the Republican Party and the right in general. We have been fed a line from the left and have swallowed it whole.

The reason is that we like what it says, and we want it to apply to our lives, as well as everyone else’s. The line is simple, and it has a ring of truth. “You cannot legislate morality.” We love this faux truth. We love it because we do not want people telling us what we can drink or what we can and cannot do in our bedrooms. But the problem with this line is that it is poison, and it destroys all that we stand for.

The first thing that we have to clear up, then, is that there is nothing that we can legislate but morality. If you tell me I cannot do something, you just imposed your morality on me. You cannot discuss murder, rape, taxes, theft, or speed limits without imposing someone’s idea of right and wrong.

So, if we fail to understand this, then when we are confronted like Pence was last night: we have nothing we can say.

Christian News reports:

Kaine replied that while he personally is pro-life, “it is not the role of the public servant to mandate that for everybody else.”

“We support Roe v. Wade. We support the constitutional right of American women to consult their own conscience, their own supportive partner, their own minister, but then make their own decision about pregnancy,” he declared. “That’s something we trust American women to do that.”

He said that Pence wants to repeal Roe and put it on the ash heap of history.

But the issue is not trust or distrust. If we believe that abortion is a nice way of saying you killed your child, then this is not something we leave open as an option. It would be like saying that a father disappointed with his son can take him out and shoot him. Kaine’s position would be that he did not personally agree with that action, but he does not want to impose that restriction on all men. American men should be trusted with that decision.

But instead of calling Kaine to task for where his thinking on morality leads logically, Pence said nothing. As a consequence, Kaine spouted on.

“I think you should live your moral values. But the last thing, the very last thing that government should do is have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices,” Kaine said. “And that is the fundamental difference between a Clinton-Kaine ticket and a Trump-
Pence ticket that wants to punish women who make that choice.”

Pence quickly said that he doesn’t support criminalizing women who have their unborn child killed.

So, Pence retreated to a political defense of his potential policies. Rather than calling Kaine out as a hypocrite, he lets him off the hook and validates this false notion of neutrality.

And this kind of weak leadership is the reason that we have and will lose our country.

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