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Pennsylvania: Police Called To Child’s Suicide Attempt – Responding Officer Molested Her

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Published on: February 17, 2021

Waynesboro, PA — Waynesboro police officer William E. Sublett IV was on duty in 2019 when he responded to a call about a 15-year-old girl’s attempted suicide. Instead of helping this child in need, however, Sublett preyed on her.

The investigation into Sublett, 33, of Washington Township began in December 2019 after he responded to a suicide attempt call for a child. Last week, Trooper Erica Polcha announced Sublett’s arrest on charges of indecent assault, corruption of minors and aggravated indecent assault.

When Sublett responded to the call, he allegedly began grooming her from that day. According to court records, the officer sent sexually explicit messages to her and then molested her.

According to Polcha, the girl said she met Sublett during the December 2019 suicide attempt call, that he had online sexual conversations with her, has asked for unclothed photos of her and had fondled her breasts and genitals against her will at his home this past November.

Polcha explained they seized a cellphone from Sublett that he bought the child to have her use to exchange the photos. According to a report from Penn Live:

An examination of that phone showed Sublett began asking for photos of the girl after she sent him an image of a sex toy this past November. Polcha said. She said Sublett’s messages to the teen included two that read, “You look amazing, you have no idea. Gosh,” and “You have no idea the things I could do to you.” He also asked whether there was “any chance of ever get (sic) to see that body in person,” the affidavit states.

He apologized when the girl refused his request to see compromising photos of her, Polcha wrote. In later more explicit messages, Sublett spoke of having sexual contact with the girl and how it would occur,” the trooper said. She said security camera footage from the victim’s home showed Sublett at the residence when he was scheduled to be on duty.

During a Dec. 10 interview with troopers, Sublett said he was a “role model figure” for the teen and had been checking in on her periodically at the request of her mother, Polcha wrote. She said Sublett denied texting the teen or buying her a phone and “immediately terminated the interview” when asked about the girl’s sex abuse allegations.

When the initial investigation was launched last year, Sublett was put on paid administrative leave. On January 5th, he resigned from the department. Sublett will eventually have a preliminary arraignment with the judge, according to a news release from the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office. However, a date had not been set as of Tuesday, according to online court records.

As frequent readers of the Free Thought Project know, police officers are arrested weekly in this country for sex crimes involving children. This is a massive problem but becomes even worse when kids think the cops are there to help them and end up being abused by those cops.

As we reported at the end of last year, the New Orleans Police department arrested one of their own officers for sexually assaulting a child. Rodney Vicknair, 53, was arrested and charged with sexual battery, indecent behavior with a juvenile and malfeasance, for sexually assaulting a child while investigating a sexual assault that she reported.

That child had contacted the NOPD to report a sexual assault and Vicknair was assigned to her case. Instead of helping the child, however, this monster allegedly began grooming her.

His case was nearly identical to Sublett’s as he began sending text messages to the girl, going to her house during his personal time and remarking how attractive she was and how she aroused him, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. He is also accused of fondling the girl’s genitals and breasts, according to the investigation.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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