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Petitioning Your Criminal Captors Is The Pathetic Last Resort Of Slaves

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Published on: September 8, 2017

Ben Rattray, founder of a leftist group called, recently cast his vision of a bright new world of more and better petitions to restore ‘our democracy’.

Millennials’ profound ignorance of economics and American civics is a true threat. I refer to their not understanding that our sovereign States are not a ‘democracy’ but a constitutional republic, as we explain in this blog post.

Countless activists, authors, YouTube producers, speakers and whistleblowers are angry at government from City Hall to Washington DC, but do not understand that We The People face organized crime that cannot be arrested by more and better petitions.

Our failure to recognize the true nature of the problem has kept us from solutions. Our failure to grasp how long organized crime has run America, causes us to believe that the sky is falling, that we must immediately solve every crisis we see on the Internet.

Nonsense. The fact is, the hijacking began in 1861, was put on steroids in 1913, and doubled down with every recession, depression, and war. Over 150 years, Americans have been programmed to believe lies and nonsense about history, civics, economics and ethics.

The problem is first, mankind’s sin nature. Our sin caused Americans to buy incrementally into the atheist lie and all that it entails. This incremental atheism has many ramifications too extensive to address here.

But our primary sin has left us with an existential law enforcement challenge. Law enforcement is the duty of the constitutional Militia, stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the U.S. Constitution.

You see, arresting ruthless multi-billion dollar felons cannot be achieved through partisan or electoral politics.

Our law enforcement challenge also cannot be met by throwing more tantrums (also known as political activism).

Equally ineffective for law enforcement is to repeatedly — every minute of every day — point out the crimes. Complain 100 times per day for the rest of your life about the problems and bad guys; you accomplish nothing.

Mr. Rattray’s petitions, however good and numerous they may be, will not suddenly begin to cause organized crime to arrest itself.

As ideas have consequences, causes have effects. Once you discover that something is totally ineffective, doubling down and doing more of it just looks like insanity, as Einstein suggested.

At AmericaAgain! Trust, 29 volunteers over ten years invested more than 36,000 hours in due diligence, perpetrator targeting, and in R&D of the most efficacious constitutional and criminal, macro and micro, perpetual and short-term law enforcement tactics and strategies. The new way of responsible life we ended up with, is called TACTICAL CIVICS™.

The short-term tactical plan is described in the booklet TACTICAL CIVICS™, available on our site. The long-term plan of action including our 22 reform laws and our AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™, are explained in the free eBook, Fear The Peoplealso available at the site.

Are you angry and passionate about corrupt government? Are you honest, dependable, and willing to lead others? Launch a TACTICAL CIVICS™ chapter for your county.

Restoring rule of law (proper functioning of government as the Constitution stipulates ) is our duty. We The People, collectively, are the top sovereign over government, and arresting organized crime is the duty of all free Americans.

And petitioning your criminal captors is the pathetic last resort of slaves.

Article posted with permission from David Zuniga.

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