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Pfizer Documents: Moderna’s COVID-19 VAXX Can Damage Immune System

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Published on: April 25, 2022

Pfizer indicated in their documents that have been released that 100 micrograms of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine is enough to damage a person’s immune system. This is in line with the statistics and data coming out showing those who have taken these shots are suffering from immune system degradation, or VAIDS (vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.)

The recent batch of Pfizer documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), found that the company actually knew the COVID “vaccine” of its fellow Big Pharma company, Moderna, can damage the immune system. In a clip from “The War Room” with Steve Bannon, Dr. Naomi Wolf explained that Pfizer knew Moderna’s vaccine destroys lymphocytes or suppresses them. Lymphocytes are white blood cells or helper cells that help with immune response. But, Pfizer also knew that their shots also caused immunosuppression.

Pfizer Knew Their mRNA Injection Caused Immunosuppression or AIDS

This suppression could explain why vaccinated individuals are the ones that are getting sick and the ones who are getting infected with COVID. The internal documents showed that the trials were abandoned due to its reaction, and those who got the vaccine have had their immune systems compromised. -Natural News

Early in the vaccination phase of the scamdemic, Wolf said they have seen the data of people’s immune systems clearly being damaged due to the suppression of the immune system.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information so far about the Moderna vaccine. After all, the documents studied were from Pfizer. So when will Moderna begin to release its documents? It’s tough to say. And the answer may be never. The sad fact is that these documents prove we were lied to, that these shots aren’t vaccines, and they are not doing anything positive for the human body. In fact, you’ll be lucky to come away with a “net neutral” effect on the body.

Pfizer and the FDA knew that the “vaccines” were neither safe nor effective. They knew that their efficacy is waning as the immense systems of the injected started to degrade rapidly. However, they are still pushing these vaccines despite all the data. Scientific evidence proved that the vaccines have done more harm than good as people are still getting sick with COVID, and will continue to do so if the rollout of these vaccines continues.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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