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PHARMA: Award Winning Journalist & New York Times Bestselling Author Gerald Posner Exposes The Lies & Crimes Of Big Pharma

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Published on: February 27, 2020

On March 10, Gerald Posner, author of twelve books including Pulitzer Prize finalist “Case Closed” a spellbinding account of the John F. Kennedy assassination, will have his latest epic PHARMA hit book stores.
Almost five years into researching PHARMA, Gerald received a treasure trove of documents from an anonymous sender.  These documents, complete with never-before-seen-information, helped provide answers to long-standing questions.  This new information, coupled with Gerald’s dogged reporting, sets PHARMA apart from all books on this subject.
Last year, Gerald and his award winning author wife, Trisha reached out to me regarding my 18 years of exposing Purdue Pharma and their owners, the Sackler Family, in their criminal marketing of OxyContin.  A friendship was forged and it was my distinct honor to have a chapter written about me in PHARMA entitled “You Messed with the Wrong Mother.”
At one point, Gerald advised me that there were surprising revelations from government files about the Sackler brothers early political affiliations.  Readers of PHARMA will have to question why criminal charges were never lodged against this family for not only their subversive activity, but their culpability in the addictions and deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.  Why no prison time?
In emails received from Gerald and Trisha, I was so honored to receive the below from them:
One read “You are one of my heroes in the book, and there are not many. I can’t wait until people read the chapter about you that is titled “You Messed with the Wrong Mother”  The second email was “You are the center of the storm about to sack the Sacklers.” 
Why has it taken so long for a book of the magnitude of PHARMA to be written?  Could it be that the sordid story could only be told by someone as brave as Gerald Posner and his wife collaborator, Trisha to put the years of research and documentation into unearthing a complete disregard for life by not only the pharmaceutical industry, but also the FDA?
Pre-order best selling author, Gerald Posner’s latest blockbuster book PHARMA to be released March 10. Here is the link to order this spell-binding, explosive, narrative of the out of control pharmaceutical industry and the profiteers involved. I have an advanced copy of the book and am mesmerized by the history of the industry and more importantly how the Sackler Family, owners of Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin managed to destroy hundreds of thousands of lives in addiction and death — without a conscience.
Pre-order here:  

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