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Planned Parenthood Dissecting Babies Alive in Womb for Organ Tissue Harvesting

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Published on: August 22, 2015

Planned Parenthood murdering babies in the womb on whim is an abomination enough to “civilized” society. When organ harvesting is added, it becomes heinous. How would you begin to describe the sheer heinousness when discovered that Planned Parenthood possibly “harvested” organs from babies in the womb while they were still alive? According to Dr. Theresa Deisher, a biomedical doctor specializing in adult stem research, this is what Planned Parenthood may have done based on “research that she has read from other scientists” and their claims on “best possible tissue available for procurement.” Dr. Deisher is also the founder of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute and AVM Biotechnology and vocally opposes embryonic stem cell research along with harvesting of tissue from murdered babies.

Appearing on the Wednesday podcast The Church Boys, Dr. Deisher indicated she received a call from David Daleiden, head of the Center for Medical Progress, about four years ago. At that time, Daleiden began relying on information from Dr. Deisher on information surrounding the science behind harvesting of murdered baby body parts. You can listen to Dr. Deisher on the podcast here discussing medical ethics and the harvesting of body parts from babies murdered in the womb.

Dr. Deisher explained that using embryonic stem cells is unnecessary period. She stated they are not useful clinically since they are primitive and spontaneously and naturally cause tumors. Also, they cause an immunological response. According to Dr. Deischer, these characteristics cannot be removed and the embryonic stem cells are very expensive. She distinguished between stem cells obtained from donated placenta and cord blood, which is done after a live birth and acceptable, and stem cells obtained from murdered babies in the womb.

Dr. Deisher described her harvesting suspicions to The Church Boys.

“[I made him] aware of how the material was being described,” she told The Church Boys of her discussions with Daleiden. “And most importantly were my suspicions that some of these babies were alive when they were harvested.”

“Scientist doing research on fetal heart muscle describe the optimal tissue and the procurement parameters, and they state in their papers that gestational age of greater than 20 weeks is optimal,” she said, noting that a child at 22 or 23 weeks gestation could survive and live a normal life. “Fetal gestational age of 20 weeks or beyond is preferable.”

Dr. Deisher claimed that, as far as she was concerned, the process would not be possible if the baby were killed in utero and then have the organs harvested afterward. In her assessment, she maintains it would likely involve removing the heart then flushing out the blood and cleaning the organ.

“You just can’t do that if the baby has been killed in utero …think of that timing,” she said. “Because of that, I have suspected for years that, in some instances, these babies are alive when they are dissected and harvested.”

What Dr. Deisher describes is monstrous. It does shed light on the support of some individuals for “late term” murder of babies in the womb after the baby has achieved viability outside the mother’s womb. The baby tissue is “expensive,” so someone is making money off a heinous, monstrous practice virtually unknown to the public, in particularly women. Planned Parenthood certainly is not disclosing this practice to the women who enter their facilities for the sole intent to murder their unborn babies.

The organization founded by Margaret Sanger should be shut down permanently and those involved with it charged with “crimes against humanity” as were numerous Nazi Germans after World War II. Anyone involved from the abortionist, assistants, clerks, scientific researchers receiving tissues, women having the procedure, Supreme Court justices, and even the House of Representatives, who voted to fund this “baby murder mill,” should be held accountable according to the law. As so aptly pointed out in another article, abortion remains against the law as courts do not make law. Murder is against the law and these people are murderers.

Who would have thought any nation would allow “crimes against humanity” to exist, much less be supported, after the atrocities perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Evidently, it’s no big deal anymore to those in government, leftist liberals, and those making money off the practice. No longer can the US take the “high road” on human rights as this nation stooped as low, or lower, than Nazi Germany. If this nation as a whole is not ashamed of what is being done and works to stop it, this nation deserves to be destroyed, as we are not worthy of what our founding fathers fought for and many died to give us.

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