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Planned Parenthood’s Ministers & Minions

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Published on: February 17, 2017

People need to understand that abortion was murder and illegal prior to, during and after the 1973 decision known as Roe v. Wade.

The law of Nature and Nature’s God is perpetually in force throughout the earth. He specifically forbids the execution of an innocent life (Proverbs 6:17). Furthermore, the Constitution does not give any court the authority to make law. Judges can only render opinions that apply only to the parties that are before them.

However, in our culture today, there are some brilliantly moronic students of the “credentialed” elite who don’t even need guns to force them to think a certain way; just tickle their ears, make some empty promises and presto! – you have a community of the unashamed organized degenerates. But don’t forget – they have their “credentials.”

The good news is, the majority of Americans are not in this camp of cultural degenerates.

Speaking of degenerates, recently the “Captain of Criminal Degenerates,” Eric Holder, and his two-year political prosecution of Mary Susan Pine for holding a sign outside of an abortion clinic (preserving life) ended with the granting of summary judgment by the upright Judge Kenneth L. Ryskamp. Judge Ryskamp concluded that the government lacked evidence to prove “all three elements of its FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) claim.” The ruling was a chastisement of Holder for seeking to apply federal law in a clearly unconstitutional manner!

The laws against abortion still exist and still apply to criminals, they are just not being enforced – and why would they be enforced by a president and attorney general who make it a habit to break laws and use the force of law against those who uphold the law on a daily basis?

So, abandon the media message that our nation is “divided” on the issue. Rev. Frank Pavone comes to my aid when he states, “Our nation is awakening to the fact that Roe’s policy – imposed by a court rather than voted on by the people’s representatives – has never represented what the majority of Americans think about abortion.”


I leave you with the fact that even if the people democratically agreed with the ruling, it would not change the immutable law of “Thou shalt not kill.” We the People can no more change law than can the judges we decry.

Video: Planned Parenthood’s minister of abortion. Guess who? Would you have aborted these famous people?

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