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Politicians & the Federal Reserve – Making Out Like Bandits, Robbing Us Blind and Picking Us Clean

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Published on: October 22, 2015

The Democrats had their debate recently. As one would expect the economy was a topic of discussion. Never growing tired of beating the same dead horse, the Democrats blame the Republicans for the bad economy. Well, that sure is interesting because the Republicans just happen to claim that the Democrats are to blame for the bad economy. This is like being mugged in an alley by two guys who beat you senseless with ball bats, only to have each mugger say it was the other guy’s hits to your head that harmed you. It’s nothing more than the old “It depends on who did the crime as to whether or not it is a crime” defense.

What you most likely will not hear in any debate is how both the Democrats and the Republicans have harmed the economy. If the next time you were supposed to be paid for working you were told you would not be paid, would that harm you? Obviously, you would be harmed. The only question would be, how much would it harm you? It would not matter what they did with the money as your bills would still be unpaid. You would be just as harmed if they donated your money to the noblest of noble causes. In the end, you would still be standing at the grocery store wondering how you would make up for the difference in the loss of income.

Actually, that did happen, although most people just do not know it happened. That is what happens every time the government borrows and spends someone’s work, (money is supposed to be a representation of work or production) to spend it or use now, with the promise to take someone else’s work in the future to pay whoever they borrowed it from today. I am using the term “work” more than money because it will help to make more sense of what they have actually done.

I believe government borrowing is a tax, just as taking someone’s pay check is a tax. Here is an example: If a Republican president, along with the Federal Reserve increases the national debt and the money supply to bail out Wall Street, only to have a Democrat President bail them out a second time, they would both probably claim they had saved the economy. Whether or not this is true would remain to be seen, but one thing we know for sure is if they took half of everyone’s money to do it, they probably would not have been reelected. However, if the Federal Reserve increases the currency to give it to Wall Street, and your money loses purchasing power from that increase, then they could get away with that. Think about that long and hard. If next week, they took half of your pay check, you would scream bloody murder, but if next week they made your paycheck buy half as much as the week before, most people would be standing there stunned and wondering what happened. If they did it over a longer period of time they may even get you to reelect them, especially if they promised to fix what they had caused. Let them baffle the voters with the other party did it so were all you got story, and they get reelected for sure.

If today you are paid a dollar that buys a loaf of bread, and tomorrow you are paid a dollar that buys a slice of bread, you have taken a pay cut, even if you are paid the same amount of dollars or even a few more. It does not matter who took the value of your money, or why, the result is the same. It would not matter if the value of your money was reduced for the noblest of noble causes, you would still need to buy the same amount of food as before your money lost the value. What does it matter if one day you need to buy $100.00 in food and someone takes $50.00 out of your wallet or they reduce the value of the $100.00 and now it takes $200.00 to buy the same amount of food $100.00 used to buy. If Congress takes half of your money and you cannot make your house payment, you blame them. However, if Congress with the help of the Federal Reserve, takes half of the value of your money and you cannot make your house payment, they blame you. They love to claim inflation is low, but we all know our money does not buy what it used to. If inflation really was low they would not keep changing how they calculate the consumer price index.

The American people keep fighting over what party took their money and they do not even know how much was taken and when. The Politicians love this and whenever the issue of the Federal Reserve is discussed they never mention how it actually affects you or me. Actually they like to pretend that the Federal Reserve only affects the banks. The most important thing is they do not want the majority of the population to realize that the increasing of the money supply actually takes the purchasing power, and therefore, it is the same thing as taking the money, from real people, who then have real problems, because they took it.

That is why they want to keep us arguing over if a Democrat or a Republican did it. They do not want us to ask who is really benefiting the most from this kind of system, or even if we should have this kind of system. They surely do not want us to notice that Democrats and Republicans both usually leave Congress much wealthier than when they were first elected.

So, the next time a Democrat blames a Republican, or a Republican blames a Democrat, remember what they are really saying is both parties are picking us clean and robbing us blind. When I say us I simply mean you and me, the real united States. Both parties have been doing this for many years and the one thing they agree on is keeping us distracted and bickering among ourselves so we will not vote for someone who will put a stop to the politicians and bankers making out like bandits. Like bandits? It looks as though they are bandits, Democrat bandits and Republican bandits.

Shhhh don’t tell anyone, just keep bickering among yourselves. If we ever started acting like the U.S. is us and that we are on the same team, a lot of people in Congress may need to find new jobs.

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