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Poor Michelle Obama Just Can’t Cut a Break!

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Published on: May 15, 2015

In 2008, we were all told how historic it was, we were now “post racial” America. The election of the first Black President proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Civil Rights movement had finally emerged victorious. In reality, this truly should have been a monumental achievement in our history as a nation. Unfortunately, it’s turned out to be one of the most disastrous events ever to happen, at least when it comes to race relations. The country has never been more divided along racial lines. This doesn’t happen merely by mistake. Perhaps the media hype was over the top, or maybe it’s no more complicated than understanding the liberal mindset.

That was the first Black American first lady in America’s history lamenting about how unfairly she’s been treated. Really? This is the same first lady, who during an interview with Steve Croft in 2008, said “As a black man, Barack could get shot going to the gas station.” This interview was conducted at the very same time that journalists like Croft were touting the “post racial” narrative. Did Mrs. Obama’s comment sound “post racial” to you? Are only black men getting shot down at gas stations?

According to Michelle Obama, during her commencement speech, she was “subjected” to a whole new set of questions due to her race. When one dissects the liberal mindset, you have to understand that a liberal must always be the victim. In spite of the media narrative, one needs look no further than Michelle Obama’s journey to the White House. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson attended Whitney Young High School, a “magnet” school in Chicago’s west side. Instead of reveling in her ability to attend an advanced school, a young Ms. Robinson complained about the long 90 minute commute. After graduating in 1981, the poor disenfranchised Michelle went on to attend lowly Princeton University. It was here that the future First Lady of the United States would write her thesis “Princeton-Educated Blacks, and the Black Community.”

It was in this thesis where the young Ms. Robinson stated, “Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments.” How’s that for “post racial?” After graduating cum laude in 1985, Michelle went on to attend lowly Harvard University (I’ll give you a few minutes to dry your tears), where she studied law. This was where she met her future husband, the man who would become the 44th President of the United States. For most, this would be a sign of improved race relations, but only to most. To Michelle Obama, after spending 6 years in the White House……not so much.

So is Michelle Obama’s complaint the she is treated “differently” than other First Lady’s hold water? If we look at her husband’s first challenge in 2008 to become the most powerful man in the world, we can certainly see examples of how she was treated “differently.” At no time during that election cycle did anyone in the media or on television suggest that her daughters were “sluts,” or that she was a “milf.” Nope, that was reserved for Sarah Palin and her family.

Perhaps she was talking about how the media chastised her for “never working a day in her life.” Oh, wait a minute, that was Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen talking about Ann Romney. Perhaps the underprivileged graduate of Harvard and Princeton, and current First Lady was discussing the attack against her for holding séances in the White House. Darn it, my bad again, that was actually her husband taking a shot at Nancy Reagan (forget that Nancy Reagan never actually held a séance in the White House). Alright, let’s try one more here. It could be that Michelle Obama was talking about that San Francisco Chronicle hit piece where Mark Morford wrote that she was a “docile doormat,” and that she was “prim, sexless, nearly useless, let’s the man do the thinking.” See now, there I go again! This was an article on the first lady’s predecessor, Laura Bush. And we all remember how horrible she was…..right?

It’s difficult enough to overcome years of racial tensions in America, but one thing’s for sure: Having a sitting President, and the First Lady telling our youth about the number of hurdles they were faced with because of their skin color, instead of how they were able to achieve the ultimate American dream, is neither helpful nor inspirational. We’ll have to add this to the ever growing list of failures under the Obama administration.

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