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Pope Francis calls Bishops and Masses to Account – He Just Didn’t Go Far Enough

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Published on: September 24, 2015

Though Pope Francis in his historic visit to America warned American bishops to flee the temptation of narcissism, one has to wonder if his words were inspired at being in the presence of Obama himself. In a prayer service at St. Matthew’s Cathedral on Sept. 23, 2015, the Pope urged the Bishops to stay close to Christ, be faithful and love.

The world knows that Pope Francis comes from a socialist background and approaches the world and its challenges through those lenses. He is pro-immigration, helping the elderly, confronting childhood hunger, standing against abortion and fighting against terrorism. The vivid question is…how?

Bottom line, Pope Francis calls Bishops to resist arrogance, stand and deal with life’s issues and dangers. That is all good in the bold print of major speeches and presented positions. However, the details and delivery, strategy-making method of standing is what we all scream and yell about.

Let us dive in on a few of these major issues.

Confronting Islam and its Murderous Escapades Worldwide

Pope Francis has gotten a lot of criticism for his version of ‘reaching out’ to Islamic at the end of Ramadan. He has talked about scratching each other’s backs, compromising and becoming friends best we can. Granted, leaders in Christ should always promote love and peace, however, we are also warned about being unequally yoked and the danger of allowing sin and evil right into our camps.

Only a few days ago, Walid and Ted Shoebat found that Muslims tried to kill the Pope, making it clear that ISIS has targeted Pope Francis. To Islamic groups of all kinds, Pope Francis is the ‘bearer of false truth.’

Reaching out and being loving is nice, but Christians, including the Roman Catholic Church are being targeted over and over by Islamists – maimed, tortured and murdered. What are millions of targeted Christians to do…have another Bible Study, pray more and make them dinner? I understand the spirit of what the Pope has said and his reaching out to Muslims, but it is time to pray, stand and lock and load.

We are facing another ‘crusade’ challenge right now around the world. Islam has only one revealed intention – make the world forcibly convert to Islam – make those who won’t convert their work and money slaves – or kill us all. Always using peace and love in their presented political and media card, you don’t have to take more than one or two steps before the threats, blood and body parts fly by.

Our own Narcissist-in-chief Obama has stood against Christians time and time again, while telling us all to get off our ‘high horse’ for our involvement in the great crusades where Christians finally woke up and were forced to respond to Islam in a military fashion. Their ‘high horse’ involved Christians organizing militarily and standing up to the rampant Islamic terrorism, torture, stealing of lands, massive murders, rapes of women and slavery of Christians.

Talks are nice. Peace and love is great, but with Islam, lines not only have to be drawn and consequences most clear, but the world must lock and load and crush them at any attempt to move forward and take all. We must crush any future movement by Islam while we target and wipe out ISIS and all other Islamic killer groups before they come for us. They have already tried to kill Pope Francis and they will try again.

I absolutely agree with Obama that Christians should get off their high horse. They should lovingly put their horse in the barn and get on a tank or Humvee with rocket launchers.

Regarding other issues

Immigration is the big deal now. America cannot continue to look the other way and allow all to come in with ‘illegal immigration.’ We already have compassionate and open laws regarding immigration if people will just follow our laws and the process, but millions don’t because our leaders continue to ignore our boarder laws and security. They preach at us, scream family values and immigrant rights and concern for the poor.

I am all for being sensitive to the poor and needy. Jesus taught that absolutely. However, what about the rights and needs of the family that is now victimized by drug dealers, rapists and pedophiles living in their neighborhood? What about the random attacks, rapes, robberies and identity theft rings victimizing hundreds of thousands of Americans? What about the states, cities and schools going bankrupt due to millions of illegal aliens taking handouts from the states and Feds while not paying into the tax system? We need protection and compassion also Mr. Pope.

Regarding the ongoing national emergency of illegal immigration…there must be American values – compassion linked with real law and national security in our response. Talk must stop and borders must finally be secured as we explore and fight over endless options. Millions here should be vetted and sent home hopefully to help their own countries…and/or, file and come back legally. We must stop the deadly flow of drugs and drug dealers, other criminals and Islamic terrorists coming across our borders. 1/3rd of our prisons are filled with them.

Regarding other issues the Pope has brought up

I am 100% in support of protecting unborn babies and citizens. Our Lord and the Holy Bible states the unborn are God-created and have rights. Our U.S. Constitution also confirms this. As a nation we must stand even stronger on this issue and demand Planned Parenthood not only be shut down and funds cut off but its leaders arrested. Abortion has never been ‘abortion.’ It has always been a ‘cartel’ of organized murder of human life.

All Christians must find a way in the dangerous and evil times we live in to keep our hearts and minds on Jesus while standing against evil, not merging with it or playing with it before it bites and kills us.

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