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Pope Francis: Drunk with Power in a Vito Corleone Kind of Way?

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Published on: May 19, 2015

A crabby looking guy who looks like someone’s Uncle Mario is sitting at his favorite corner table in Mama Luigi’s Bar and Grill in Brooklyn. You can find him there anytime – stirring up trouble and giving orders to “his boys.”

That’s the story one would likely conjure up in their mind when shown a picture of the Argentine-born Italian, Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis), in a luxe smoking jacket; Havana cigar in one hand, and a glass of Scotch in the other.

In reality, Uncle Mario is in the Vatican wielding more power than a mobster with family ties from Bensonhurst to Hoboken. The funniest part of this scenario is that millions of people think God chose Mario to be His representative on earth — which would actually be kind of funny in a “My Cousin Vinny” kind of way — if Uncle Mario wasn’t so drunk with power in a Vito Corleone kind of way.

It’s time someone posted an Instagram picture exposing the fact that the emperor in the pointy hat has no clothes: If this pope isn’t the False Prophet predicted in the Bible, then he’s been doing an awfully good impersonation.

Exactly one year ago, Pope Francis inserted himself into the Middle East peace process when he asked Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and then Israeli President Shimon Peres, to meet at his apartment in the Vatican; presumably for some Scotch and Havana cigars.

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” – The Godfather

That was about the same time he flew into the West Bank and became the first pontiff to declare said land was the “State of Palestine.”

(Of course, it wasn’t like God hadn’t warned us something bad was coming down the pike: He’d sent two lightning bolts hurling into the Vatican hours after the former pope resigned and weeks before the current one was elected.)

The Vatican’s betrayal of Israel began previous to Pope Francis assuming the throne however. In 2012, the Vatican hailed the United Nations’ vote for a Palestinian state, and called for an “internationally guaranteed special status for Jerusalem.” According to Reuters, this was also a “propitious occasion” to recall a “common position” on Jerusalem expressed by the Vatican and the Palestine Liberation Organization when the two sides signed a basic agreement on their bilateral relations in 2000.”

Last week, Israel National News reported that Israel’s Foreign Ministry warned: “This decision does not advance the peace process (but) distances the Palestinian leadership further from…direct negotiations.”

Adding insult to injury, the day before Israel’s national holiday (May 17th) commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War, the pope presented Palestinian leader Abbas with a bronze “angel of peace” medal and reportedly called Abbas an “angel of peace.” (Or he may have said, “May you be an angel of peace.” It really doesn’t matter.) All this was done as the Vatican readies itself to sign a historic treaty officially recognizing the sovereignty of the State of Palestine – which technically has no borders and doesn’t exist.

The following day, Jerusalem Day in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the world one more time: “Jerusalem shall never again be divided.”

Simultaneously, the Pope was conferring sainthood on two “Palestinians,” both of whose lives and work were associated with Bethlehem. It was widely seen as both a “religious and political gesture” by the pope. Certainly the timing was not coincidental.

Former Congressman Allen West, when asked about the Vatican recognizing the State of Palestine, said:

“This is horrific. At a time when Islamic terrorists are slaughtering Christians, Catholics, all over the Middle East; for the pontiff to recognize a terrorist organization, which is really either Hamas or Fatah…this is unconscionable…It just goes to show the level of propaganda success that the Palestinians have, and the level of disdain and anti-Semitism that there is out there; it’s even coming from the Vatican now.”

Pope Francis is simply fast-tracking what the powers in Rome have been lobbying for all along: The division of Jerusalem. And if Christians want to be theologically precise, that would necessarily mean the Vatican is also lobbying for the rise of the Anti-Christ. What other conclusion can be reached when the Catholic Church turns its back on the word of God in favor of dividing the land of Israel?

To be clear, the last thing we need to do is start hating on the Catholics. There are many courageous conservative Catholics who are fighting to preserve Christianity here in America – and we need them. There are even more dying for their beliefs in foreign countries. And to be sure, this papacy is fracturing the Catholic Church itself, in what some are calling a civil war.

But the influence of this radical pope – in these radical times – can no longer be underestimated. He has forced many of us to speak-out concerning his aggressive anti-Capitalist, Socialist agenda; his stance against the eternal capital of Israel; his false edicts on the climate change lie; and recent moves by the Catholic church to embrace sodomites. The blasphemies are many and overwhelming.

(And why, oh why, was he smack-dab double in the middle of the U.S. normalizing relations with Cuba after more than a half century? Surely, Uncle Mario already had access to all the cigars he needed.)

I respect my Catholic friends, but it’s impossible to keep pretending that crazy, progressive Uncle Mario was anointed or appointed by God to redistribute global wealth and tell the Jews to divide their homeland. On the contrary, Uncle Mario is looking more and more like he’s been anointed by the adversary who roams the earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

At midnight, May 14, 1948, the Provisional Government of Israel proclaimed the new state of Israel – a sovereign country with defined borders. That same day, the United States recognized the Jewish government as the de facto authority of the new Jewish state. Will the Vatican seal the fate of Israel in a similar manner?

The pope must know he’s playing for the wrong team. Perhaps that’s the scariest part. We can see Uncle Mario sitting in that corner booth at Mama Luigi’s, shrugging his shoulders and saying, “So? What are you gonna do about it?”

Susan D. Harris can be reached at

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