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“Presence Learning,” Education & The Coming Avalanche of Mental Health Legislation

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Published on: March 4, 2019

**Author’s Note: I am in no way discounting the need for proper licensed mental health professionals and services. I realize many people, regardless of age, require these people and their expertise. What we are seeing across our nation, however, is a rush to label everyone as somehow ‘mentally’ in need of services/interventions. This is wrong. Very wrong.
Anti Fed Ed Warriors
, it’s been a while since I researched and wrote about Presence Learning.

Back in 2015, I showed you how the company was targeting special needs students, especially in IEPs and the alignment to CCSS, Common Core State Standards.
In 2019, the company is advertising on-line mental health psychologist’s counseling.

Knowing the recent avalanche of States seeking to hook us all up to mental health detectors, Presence Learning (PL) boasts it’s accessible to all States and across the world. So, watch out PL may already be in your State.


Be sure to watch this video about the on-line assessment for psychoeducational diagnosis.

, do you have questions? I know I do. For example, knowing that on-line assessments have algorithms which can adjust and readjust in seconds, how do we know the student actually has a behavioral or mental need? Where in the world are the parents? Where was consent for this assessment given? Did you notice the need for on-line was not so much about the child’s needs as it was to lighten the school psychologist’s work load! To read more about the video above, visit here.

If you’d like to read about the on-line presence of Presence Learning, read this. Be sure to scroll down through the comments to see how independent, on-line contractors are being sought out.

What are the goals of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) anyway? Why should they be universally measured? Look below:


From, you can see all sorts of things about the 3 tiers. But, I think the picture below does wonders. The added emphasis is mine:


Warriors, have you noticed anything so far? Not so much about academics and education is it? No, it appears all this is more about molding our kids to fit someone else’s mold. Take into consideration that ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) codified and increased every single bit of this. As we know ESSA is for EVERY child, not just our public school kids. Then add this into the information mix of the recent rush from our States to conform to ESSA’smental health mandates.

Where else will we find mental health or  SEL (social emotional learning) being exploited? Our relationships!

Meet Search Institute:


To see the list of funding partners, go here.
To see the Attitudes and Behaviors Survey (Aka: assessment), that’s here.
The Framework of “Assets” behind the Attitudes and Behavior Survey will show you internal and external factors of SEL.

Note that since every one of us is in a relationship of some type, this isn’t geared simply for school students. It’s geared for all of us. ESSA has mandated family engagement, family support, and family mental health in wraparound services. Many of us are in multiple types of relationships at the same time!

If you would like to know how Search Institute became to be, the history is one of twists and turns. Beginning with its Lutheran Church roots in 1958. Sex ed was added, as was values-based education, and more.  As you know, the federal government helps fund the Lutheran Church in afterschool programs we can tie back to the CCSS Machine, too.

This begs an age-old question: Why does the federal government overreach into religion in this instance but will die on a hill screaming separation of church and state when it comes to religion in schools?

(Original article where you’ll find out even more about ESSA and SEL for mental health overreaches.)

From early 2019: a look at SEL and other health-related overreaches in education.
From 2018, a look at Medicaid and ESSA for SEL.
From CASEL, a horrible mind-bending group, with many ties to the CCSS Machine and the shift away from academics to attitudes, values, and beliefs. The Parental Top 10 Books for SEL in the home.
From 2014, using PE (physical education) for SEL.
From 2006, the transformative leadership guide for SEL.
From ASCD (Gates Foundation-backed), an archived copy of the 1997 push for SEL. Back then, ‘character education’.
From 2018, a look at ‘resilience’ as run through the CCSS Machine(*Note: ACE is short for Adverse Childhood Experiences. Something the CCSS Machine and Rockefeller are implementing nation-wide as part of the ‘Resilience’ movement.)
From 2018, how moral assessments are being created.

Wheels To Wrap Around Us:

From CASEL, their SEL wheel:

Some States will have SEL in a wheel for “Healthy Schools”:


Then, this wheel from Anita Hoge’s archived work showing the wrap around services to manage us all. ESSA and our government have carried this out,so far with much success:



Then, the same wheel with a bit more detail:

Mental Health is just above “School Based” 

The Mental Health Bills from the 116th Congress:

Warriors, as if the CCSS Machine hasn’t given us enough indoctrination for mental health and our social and emotional states, the federal government has a few bills you may wish to add to the watch list. We know these will lining up to conform and embed.

S317ACE Kids Act of 2019 (Sen. Grassley, IA, sponsor; 11 co-sponsors)

‘ACE’ is short for “Advancing Care for Exceptional”. This Bill will amend the Social Security Act to provide childhood treatments of medically complex conditions in a group health home. “Mental Health” is embedded 4 different times. At least 3 of the references include ‘community mental health center’.

HR 1301, Would also amend the Social Security Act to include funding to pay for certain types of mental health telehealth services. Rep. DelBene (WA) is the sponsor.

HR 884, Medicare Mental Health Care Access Act (Rep. Chu, CA, sponsor)

This Bill would amend the Social Security Act, as well. This one is worth watching due to the licensing and service of clinical psychologists throughout the States.

HR 1395, Would amend the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965) aka: ESSA, to improve mental health services for students and ‘other purposes’. Rep. Dr. Roe (TN) is the sponsor. While there’s no text for the HR 1395, I did find his version of the Mental Health Bill for Students from the 115th Session. It’s worth your time to read. Lots of overreaches for community-wide, P3s (public private partnerships), and telehealth.

HR 1109, Mental Health Services for Students Act of 2019 (Rep. Napolitano, CA, is the sponsor, there are 67 co-sponsors). This Bill would amend the Public Health Service Act. It will revise and extend school-based mental health services at a comprehensive level. The bill will seek to improve and direct not only mental health services for Johnny and Suzy, but the entire family. As such, academic performance will improve. This is a very bad bill all around, Warriors!

S 286/HR 945, identical BillsMental Health Access Improvement Act of 2019, Senate sponsor is Barrasso, WY, House sponsor is Thompson, CA. S 286 has 7 co-sponsors; HR 945has 8. Both will amend the Social Security Act. Family therapists and mental health counselors under part B of Medicare will be targeted. These professionals are to diagnose and treat mental illnesses according to these Bills.

Look below, Warriors, there’s the global mental health backing Congress is more relying on embedding than their voters’ voices ask for.



Warriors, quite a big bunch of headache-inducing information, today. I know we MUST watch any federal or State government mental health legislation, however, look at how all this information is woven together. It’s not by accident. The CCSS Machine, the global mental health plan is that we will not be our own people, we’ll be a managed people, right down to what we think. The agenda is making its presence known more and more, day by day. Will YOU stop it from growing?

Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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