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President Donald Trump: “Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election”

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Published on: November 13, 2018

President Donald Trump isn’t mincing any words regarding the shenanigans that are taking place down in Florida and on Tuesday, he let it be known that “Democrats are trying to steal the election” there.

Trump sent out an email with the subject line, “Democrats are trying to steal the election,” in which he declared, “The people of Florid have spoken.”

“Governor Rick Scott has defeated Bill Nelson and will be the next US Senator from Florida,” he added.

Trump then went on to state, “But Bill Nelson and his liberal allies won’t accept that. They’ve brought in Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, and are attempting to steal this seat so they can further obstruct our America First agenda.”

The president then reminded supporters that this wasn’t the first time Florida has tried this and he wasn’t referencing the “hanging chads” of the 2000 GW Bush and Gore race.

“It’s exactly what they did after I won in 2016, and reports of election fraud in Broward and Palm Beach counties are unfortunately nothing new,” Trump wrote.  “We cannot let the radical left steal this seat from the people of Florida.”

Nelson and his attornies have filed a frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to gain time in order to engage in voter fraud.  There is no other explanation.

As The Washington Free Beacon reported on Tuesday, the Scott campaign sees the latest lawsuit by Nelson as nothing more than a “legal white flag of surrender.”

The latest lawsuit asks the Florida Department of State to dismiss state law requiring mail ballots to be received by the time the polls close, claiming the law disenfranchises voters.

Scott’s campaign called the Monday lawsuit a “nonserious” attempt by Elias, who it says is just trying to “pile up the billable hours.”

“At this point, Marc Elias is taking his client for a ride … anything to pile up the billable hours,” Scott’s campaign said in a Monday email. “This new lawsuit asking to allow votes that came in after the election is nonserious, a joke in legal circles.”

Scott campaign spokesman Chris Hartline called the lawsuit “a legal white flag of surrender.”

“While the Scott campaign has won every legal challenge so far, Nelson’s Washington lawyer seems to be content filing frivolous and laughable lawsuits—as long as his fee gets paid,” Hartline said. “Today’s lawsuit is nothing short of a legal white flag of surrender.”

Hartline further said Scott’s margin of victory can’t be erased “without fraud.”

“Governor Scott won the election by a margin that is mathematically impossible to close without fraud, and Bill Nelson can decline a recount at any time,” he said. “Bill Nelson’s legacy is on the line, but legacies don’t pay Marc Elias’s bills. Lawsuits do.”

This is not about disenfranchisement or errors, this is about more time so that more “votes” can be found.  Mr. Hartline is correct, the only way the outcome changes is through voter fraud, which it looks like Democrats have been able to achieve in states like Minnesota, Arizona and are currently working on in Georgia.  Florida is no exception.  Just look at Broward County!

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