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President Trump, We The People Can Rescue You!

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Published on: September 5, 2017

I just listened to a fascinating podcast aired yesterday by Breitbart Senior Editor Alex Marlow, with conservative author and blogger Mike Cernovich. That revealing August 30, 2017 podcast is here.

Marlow and Cernovich corroborate the concerns of millions of us, as we waver between Trump being a victim of a Deep State coup, and Trump being a Trojan Horse.

If the latter is true, what better way to placate the 70–80 million politically-conscious citizens of Middle America, including those in the 31,000 towns with fewer than 10,000 residents? We were angry to distraction over the atheist, communist hijacking of our civilization and republic; over the cynical lawlessness of Clinton, Bush, Obama followed by the threat of another Clinton.

Approximately 91% of America by land area (not population) voted for Trump. Our mandate is perspicuous; Trump won the election — the Electoral College vote — even though every precinct in America’s biggest cities voted to continue the moral and ethical corruption.

The mandate is even more lopsided than it appeared in the Electoral College vote. America’s 31,000 small towns have not had a vote in Congress or the Electoral College since 1929, the year that Congress illegally amended the Constitution, limiting the House of Representatives to 435 seats by legislative fiat.

In his on-the-scene report, Mike Cernovich posits that President Trump is now a captive to the Deep State, GOP machine, and Never Trump cohort.

I wrote months ago that Trump’s own daughter and son-in-law were designing a domestic and foreign policy regicide like those we see littering European history since time out of mind.

Mr. Trump, if the Deep State holds you captive, We The People can rescue you.

In fact, you have only one viable option, as the team at AmericaAgain! and Tactical Civics™ explained to you a year ago. The Founding Fathers left us a neutron bomb hidden in the original First Amendment. It has been ratified by 11 states (fortunately the most liberal ones are out of the way) and needs only 27 more ‘yes’ votes.

Then the original First Amendment, sitting dormant for 230 years, will become the 28th Amendment, mandating that no congressional district will exceed 50,000 people ever again. That will break the back of the corrupt Congress, the corrupt Deep State, and their handlers in industry (international crime).

It will also open the U.S. House to millions of normal, honest American statesmen running in very small districts.

Then we push our ‘Bring Congress Home Act’ — the first and last law that this new, populist Congress will enact from Washington DC. When you sign that historic law, you will send Congress home to their own communities, for the rest of American history.

Take the American People’s offer, Mr. Trump. Show us good faith.

You promised all of us — liberal and conservative — that you would drain the swamp. Despite your disturbing and contradictory actions since taking office, you have also hit many singles so we give you the benefit of the doubt and an ‘E’ for effort. But no president can stop the Deep State.

You can demonstrate what you promised in your Inaugural Address, that you are returning this government to us, your employers. You can demonstrate that rather than being what your detractors claim – the biggest fraud in American presidential history — you will allow us to make you the greatest president since George Washington.

Yes, We The People can do that for you. And we will be happy to make this deal; all we ask of you is very simple. Use your legendary Twitter account to wake the American People to do the constitutional law enforcement that you are neither authorized by law, nor able under house arrest, to do yourself.

Article posted with permission from Daivd Zuniga

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