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Pride Month: Why are Some Minnesotans Celebrating That Which is Illegal? (Just Rejected By Local NewsPaper That Believes in Freedom of Speech)

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Published on: June 28, 2022

“Our government rests in public opinion. Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government, practically just so much.” -President Abraham Lincoln

Well, in response to Mr. Lincoln, I can say that it is a good thing that we are ruled by law as a Constitutional Republic (Article IV, Section 4 – U.S. Constitution) and not as a Democracy, which is public opinion, the way that Minnesotans have been led to believe.

As much as the mainstream media, which 86% of the American people profess that they do not believe, with the help of the ignorant and misled representatives in the halls of government would have you believe that Pride month is somehow legal and harmless, I am here to help set that record straight.

From the very inception of the homosexual agenda, which was inserted into the congressional record in February of 1987 via the Homosexual Manifesto by Michael Swift, we have seen a spree of crimes, where it has been celebrated, committed against children.

Boy Scouts reach $850 million settlement with tens of thousands of sexual abuse victims

Head of Drag Queen Story Arrested for Child Porn

Most recently, in Wright County, it was reported:  Wright County Man Sentenced to 125 Months in Prison for Child Pornography.

This should come as no surprise, due to the fact that the slogan used at Gay Pride Parades is “Sex before eight before it is too late,” which was put out by the North American Man-Boy Love Association that is to be monitored by the F.B.I.

Are we to look the other way when it comes to these crimes being committed against America’s children? Minnesotans cannot afford to do that (Luke 17:2).

Yes, American law (Under God; Common Law; Exodus 20) condemns that which many mean to promote and even advocate.

What some celebrate, God clearly condemns. As a matter of fact, He calls it an abomination (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13); and pertaining to law, they are called, “crimes against nature.”

Minnesota Statutes 609.293,609,342,609,344

Sodomy – Imprisonment-Fine $3000.00 or both

Americans must look to the law and bring about judgment in condemning these crimes (Isaiah 26:9).

What’s worse is those who are transgressing these laws have the public believing that, somehow or another, they are the victims (Isaiah 5:20). Victims of what? The only thing that these people who cry victim are victims of are the laws that expose their crimes (Romans 3:20).

The real victims are those that have been violated, especially the children, who have had their innocence stripped away and their lives destroyed.

Furthermore, making reference to the law that exposes the crimes and telling the truth is not hate.  It is love (Romans 13:10), and that love upholds the law in protecting the innocent.

These state representatives, as well as the mainstream media networks, corporations, schools, (NEA has a LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender caucus) and others promoting this lawlessness, must be held accountable.

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