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Prince, a Tribute to Baltimore & Gun Confiscation

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Published on: May 9, 2015

See the little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy that’s his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he’s a millionaire

–  From Dire Straits‘ “Money For Nothing,” 1985

As reported on TruthRevolt this week, the artist currently known as “Prince” – after being known as “Prince,” then changing his name to some unpronounceable sigil, and then changing it back to “Prince” again – has recorded a song for the city of Baltimore “as a tribute to the death of Freddie Gray and the resulting protests and violence.”

Don’t forget your Dramamine for this ride…

The lyrics to the soon-to-be released song call for peace and love, and suggest gun confiscation as the means to that end.

Yep. That’s the ticket. Gun confiscation. With the exception of the Obama-approved National Police Force, naturally, so that they can kill us when they have a need. In fact, I’d wager that the NPF will be so busy tracking down patriots, they won’t have time to harass inner-city blacks.

Prince has been a household name since I was just out of high school. That means he’s a lot older than he looks, probably owing to some demonic pact. More importantly, it means that he has not lived in the real world for at least 37 years.

Having been a musician and songwriter and worked with many of them, I am well aware that some creative people are blessed with phenomenal talent and little else, sort of like in Amadeus, wherein Mozart was scary talented (which he was), but possessed no social skills, sense of decorum, propriety, self-control, or moral obligation whatever.

I guess if Prince is writing lyrics for his usual bubble gum-on-acid fare, it comes off as artsy, and people buy it. The prospect of writing something even marginally intelligent in terms of a tribute to Baltimore was clearly beyond the little twerp. The lyrics in this new Baltimore song are shallow, vapid, and unintelligent – and we haven’t even gotten into the fallacy and imprudence of Prince’s anti-Second Amendment “solution.”

Does anybody hear us pray?
4 Michael Brown or Freddie Gray 
Peace is more than the absence of war
Absence of war

R we gonna c another bloody day?
We’re tired of cryin’ & people dyin’
Let’s take all the guns away…

What is this guy – seven? He literally sounds like the child who imagines that some mysterious agency might simply rapture away all of the big, bad firearms, along with hunger, natural disasters, war toys, and of course, bullying – and if there isn’t some mysterious agency capable of doing so, why, there ought to be.

So the ratty, little androgynite wants to take all the guns away, huh? Leave it to a lefty to believe that this is actually possible – or at least that he needs to convince America that it is. In the most oppressive and dangerous nations on Earth, people can still obtain firearms.

I probably don’t have to explain the monumental hypocrisy attendant to magnificently-wealthy celebrities who can afford fortresses, armored vehicles, cadres of armed security, and every tech security gizmo money can buy – but consigning the rest of us to dial 911 and hope for the best if we are in danger.

Prince is just one more craven celebrity, and it shouldn’t be any surprise coming from the guy (if he is in fact a guy) who wrote that lyric featuring a woman “masturbating with a magazine.” Obviously, he has nothing whatsoever of value to impart to us from his vast reservoir of anthropological and sociological wisdom.

But guess what? This new song isn’t about Baltimore at all, anyway – it’s really about resuscitating Prince’s flagging career. You see, an individual as successful as Prince has been can afford to disappear for five or ten years and still have plenty of cash left to bankroll a comeback if too many people have forgotten about him, or if the record execs get balky.

Perhaps he just decided that the time was ripe for the public to have another mega-dose of Prince. Who knows – maybe he’s bored. Or maybe he does need the money after all. Celebrities are somewhat notorious for living beyond their means. If you make $10 million this year, and spend $11 million, well…

You see, folks: as much as Libs bash capitalism and materialism, it’s interesting to see how many of them, with bankrolls that should support the next seventy generations of their accursed bloodlines, have this imperative to compulsively amass just one more couple hundred mil, or two or three.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are stellar examples of this phenomenon. The dollar figures that have been bandied about recently concerning The Clinton Foundation’s receipt of foreign funds are nearly beyond belief. Bill Clinton flits off on some Islamist’s private jet to a strange foreign land, gives an hour-long speech on the intricacies of employing the English word “is” in a legal setting, and comes home with more money than my entire neighborhood earns in a year.

Did I mention that Bill Clinton is a consummate scumbag?

Now, I know liberty-loving Americans don’t believe in interfering with how much money persons and organizations are “allowed” to make – but it is still more than a little disturbing when we see a prominent multimillionaire refuse to help out struggling family members, give a mere 0.02% per annum to charity – or commit serial treason against the Republic in order to secure said wealth… because they can.

Oh – and for the record, I’ve never cared for Prince, his androgyny, or his effete countenance (I guess they call that his “image”). As far as his music goes: I could pull a better band out of my rear end – on a bad day…

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