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Protesters Lead Un-Masked Protest Against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Mask Tyranny

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Published on: June 29, 2020

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has demonstrated that he is not the conservative that people thought he was in his antics to impose a mandatory mask order against the people.  And they aren’t having it!

Abbott came under criticism recently for a mask demand. reported:

Counties and cities across Texas swiftly followed Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff’s lead this week after he ordered businesses — without opposition from Gov. Greg Abbott — to require employees and customers wear face masks when social distancing is not possible.

Although the governor issued an executive order June 3 banning local governments from imposing fines or criminal penalties on people who don’t wear masks in public, Abbott on Wednesday commended Wolff for putting the onus for face masks on businesses. In an interview with KWTX, Abbott said the local official “finally figured that out.”

“Government cannot require individuals to wear masks,” he added. “Local governments can require stores and business to require masks. That’s what was authorized in my plan.”

That, my friends, is doublespeak.  “Government cannot require… but local government can require… I authorized it in my plan.”

Abbott is simply two-facing, trying to stick it to local governments who don’t possess that authority either when he is putting pressure on them to do so with his “plan.”

As a result, Texans aren’t buying it and protested mask wearing.

The protest was led by none other than InfoWars founder Alex Jones. reports:

Approximately 150 un-masked people gathered before the Texas Capitol Sunday afternoon for a protest against mask-wearing mandates recently enacted by state and local governments.

It was the same day Travis County recorded a record-breaking spike in positive COVID-19 cases that has more than doubled the daily rate of hospitalizations.

The event was kicked off with prayer before the armored vehicle iconic to Alex Jones and his Info Wars brand rolled up to the group with a warm welcome of cheers and chants.

From the roof of the vehicle stood Info Wars contributor Owen Shroyer shouting through a megaphone. Scientifically, the face coverings state and local governments are encouraging people to wear to slow the spread of COVID-19 do nothing to prevent coronavirus transmission, Shroyer said, directly contradicting evidence presented by state and federal health authorities.

Hours later, during a news conference in Dallas with Vice President Mike Pence and Gov. Greg Abbott, White House coronavirus response task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said that scientific evidence shows that masks both “keep you from infecting others and protects you from getting infected.”

“You can protect one another,” Birx said. “I know it’s difficult for the 20- and 30-somethings, but I’m just here to ask everyone to wear a mask — every single one of them to wear a mask.”

No, it does not.  You simply cannot pass a virus onto someone else.  Birx, who doesn’t even have a license, is lying to the public and the Trump administration continues to point to her and Dr. Anthony Fauci as some sort of experts on the matter.

“We refuse to be a slave to the government,” Shroyer said. “We refuse to comply with illegal orders. We will not wear masks.”

Jones shouted into a bullhorn, “We’re going to tell the globalists, ‘we’re not your slaves, we’re not in your cult, and if you want war, you better believe you got war.'”

Abbot has been pleading with Texans to wear masks despite the fact that most people who are actually paying attention know the jig is up with the propaganda we are being fed about coronavirus and COVID-19.

Make no mistake, though Abbott tries to play both sides of the fence, feeling the political pressure, he is clearly presenting an open door for local governments to impose a tyranny on their people and the people simply are not buying into it!

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