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Provoking The People: Evidence From All Across The Country That Some Police Are Intent On Being Brutal (Videos)

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Published on: June 5, 2020

The “Left” promotes the welfare state and the “Right” promotes the police state.  Currently, both are in full force as the welfare state is picking up the tab with the people’s money for their lawless lockdown based on lies, and now the police state is on display after what occurred in Minneapolis as legitimate protesters are brutalized.

Earlier on Friday, Matt Agorist reported on a woman who was being groped pulling away from an officer in Indiana, only to be beaten with clubs by grown thugs in police uniforms.

As you can see, the police in Florida were also corralling protesters into a box to then be able to arrest them under a martial law curfew, which is unconstitutional.

An interactive map of police brutality and misconduct during protests can be seen here with links to audio and video.

The guy posting the videos above has been posting them from across the country.

While I realize there are agent provocateurs and such that lawfully need to be dealt with, there is no doubt in my mind that much of what you see below is way over the top and the crimes of the officers involved should not only be reported but these brown shirts should be eliminated from public service, charged and justice brought against them just as much as rioters and looters.  After all, this is what got this mess started in the first place:  police brutality.

If you support this, then you are a supporter of tyranny, period.  This is unlawful, criminal and tyrannical.

The lesson?  If you dare exercise your rights protected under the First Amendment, you will be made to submit with force.  Where is Sean Hannity?  Oh, he’s cheering the force of the police state.

Take a look at what’s going on in the united States.

Let’s start off with Washington, DC and an unexploded flash-bang grenade left lying around.

Los Angeles, CA & Portland, OR

San Diego, CA & NYC, NY & Boston, MA

Kalamazoo, MI & Columbus, OH

Des Moines, IA

Cincinnati, OH & NYC, NY

Kansas City, KS & Clayton, CA

Prince George’s County, MD & Portland, OR

Baytown, TX

Dallas, TX & Chicago, IL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL & New York City, NY & Sacramento, CA

Los Angeles, CA & Salt Lake City, UT

Colorado Springs, CO

Washington DC & Bentonville, AR & Louisville, KY & Huntington Beach, CA

There’s a fence there for goodness sakes!

Raleigh, NC & Seattle, WA

There’s tons more posted on the Twitter account here.

This is not American government, people.  This is tyranny!

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