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Psychopolitics in Social Work Education

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Published on: July 20, 2015

In my book, “Not on my watch: Exposing the Marxist agenda in education,” I describe the indoctrination process taking place in our public universities, while also sharing some personal stories of taking on the radical “academic left.” Many of my readers know that I was a social work major, and, since finishing school, I have spent a great deal of time writing about the connection between the social work profession and the left wing agenda. For instance, white privilege, the concept that all white people are racist because we are backed by the power of the institutions, is a concept pushed heavily in social work programs across the country. In my book, I describe how my left wing professors decided that I was unfit for the program because of my opposition to the white privilege ideology. In fact, I was explicitly told that all social workers lean to the left and the professors were the gate keepers of the profession. They admitted that if I couldn’t get on board with white privilege education I would have a very difficult time completing the program. Essentially, it was their job to identify political conservatives (people who will not advocate for social justice) and do what was in their power to keep them from advancing in the social work program. Another good example is the connection between social work and community organizing. In the book I tell the story of being exposed to Saul Alinsky and how I was told by my professor that I wasn’t supposed to know about his teachings because I continually challenged everything being taught. The book isn’t titled “Not on my watch” for no reason.

There were some stories I did not tell because I didn’t have the evidence to back up the points I wanted to make. For instance, in “Social Work Research,” my professor literally taught that it was ethical to manipulate your findings if you were trying to prove something like racism within a certain population of people. The rationale for this absurd statement is more frightening than the statement itself and highlights the liberal mindset quite well. He explained that people generally aren’t aware of their own racist attitudes and that social researchers are more educated on the conditions that may verify racist attitudes. So, if you’re findings on a particular study don’t prove that white people are all a bunch of racist bigots, it’s okay to fudge the results a bit because white people will never admit how racist they really are. Never forget that liberal social work professors are better and more intelligent than you and that they always know what’s best.

In the book, I mentioned a lot of the indoctrination methods being used to condition people to accept the left wing agenda. I mentioned the Delphi technique, Critical Theory, Values Clarification, Cloward and Piven, Moral Relativism, and Multiculturalism. One area I wanted to spend a little more time on is the process of writing a research paper; however, I didn’t have the necessary evidence to back up exactly what I wanted to prove. Essentially when you write a research paper you are limited to using what are referred to as “Peer Reviewed Journals.” The term “peer reviewed” essentially means that the findings have allegedly been backed up and verified by other researchers in academia, hence the use of the words “peer reviewed.” One of the biggest things I noticed was that the majority of these journals were very biased to the liberal world view. Essentially, through all the research we were being told to do, students were continually being exposed to liberal opinions and findings that backed the left wing narrative. This was particularly true when it came to the use of psychotropic drugs, or administering some sort of therapy based on liberal theories.

It turns out that my suspicions were right. In just the same way six major corporations all own the mainstream media, controlling the information we see every day, there are six major publishing companies controlling the content of so called “peer reviewed journals.” In fact, the areas of social science are among some of the most controlled by these publishing companies.

“The fields most controlled by this academic oligarchy include those dealing with chemistry, psychology, social sciences and the professional fields. On the flip side, biomedical research, physics, and the arts and humanities are influenced to a much lesser degree by these six corporate publishers, according to the study.”

It would appear that there is indeed a deliberate attempt to indoctrinate people into the left wing worldview and it goes much deeper than what most people would have believed. Much of this control seems to revolve around profit margins for huge corporations, including the pharmaceutical industry. Much of the psychology and social work agenda revolve around the use of psychotropic drugs and it isn’t uncommon to see big pharmaceutical companies donating huge amounts of money to universities with psychology programs in order to garner up support for their latest mood-altering pill. There is also little doubt that these publishing companies are also exerting control over the hard sciences as well. Naturally, anything written that would dispute the Darwinist narrative of life on earth would not be released. It is highly likely that these companies are also contributing to the false “climate change” narrative. This information goes a long way in explaining the reason why so many people, particularly college students, seem unable to do more than just repeat the liberal mainstream talking points. They are being conditioned simply by the nature of the research they are being forced to do.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with a quote from the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics.

Technical papers should exist as to the number of cures effected by psychiatry and psychology, and whenever possible, percentages of cures, no matter how fictitious, should be worked into legislative papers, thus forming a background of evidence which would immediately rebut any effort to actually discover anyone who had ever been helped by psychiatry or psychology.

This quote is essentially an admission that the whole agenda revolves around lies and that the alleged healing arts of psychology and psychiatry are little more than a scam designed to indoctrinate you into the tenants of communism.

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