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Public Elementary School Switching to Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

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Published on: September 8, 2015

Our nation continues to grow ever more confused and California continues to lead the way in that endeavor. The latest example of this comes to us from San Francisco, where some local school officials have decided to switch from gender-specific to gender-neutral bathrooms.

There are some 365 students at Miraloma Elementary school, and school officials guess that between 6 and 8 of those students don’t fit in “traditional” gender roles. So “In order to make using the restroom a carefree process for every student, the San Francisco school has started getting rid of gendered bathrooms.” However, it seems that the school has forgotten to take in into account the 357-359 other students at the school who do fit in traditional gender roles and may not feel so “carefree” about being forced to use the same bathroom as a member of the opposite sex.

The school’s principal, Sam Bass, wrote a letter to the parents about the decision to make the expensive, confusing and unnecessary switch.

1. How was the decision made to convert to gender neutral bathrooms? Was parent input included?

The decision to convert to gender neutral bathrooms was based on student need.  Miraloma Elementary strives to be a leader in SFUSD for inclusive practices, welcoming all families, and most importantly welcoming all students. We have students on the gender spectrum.  Converting most of our bathrooms to gender neutral benefits all students of every grade level and creates a safe and supportive environment for all of our students. Parent input was included, as it always it, although the issue was not put out to the entire community. Nothing is changing for our 2nd-5th graders.

2. Why is it important to convert all bathrooms if this only affects a small handful of students?

It doesn’t.  It affects ALL students.  Not only do we want ALL of our students to feel safe, supported, and comfortable to be who they are, we want them to understand systematic equality for everyone.  We are teaching them a valuable lesson.  Additionally, we have students who are sometimes just not comfortable using a bathroom with other students present in the space and this conversion, which is also a conversion to single-use restrooms, will benefit all students and their comfort levels.

While Mr. Bass argues that the school is making the switch so that “all” of the students will feel safe, supported and comfortable, he seems to ignore the fact that this move will make more people UNCOMFORTABLE. Millions of Americans understand the discomfort of using a public restroom, they also understand the discomfort of being forced to use the same bathroom as members of the opposite sex (especially as children move through puberty). Making bathrooms gender-neutral will not encourage “comfort,” but will actually create DIS-comfort.

But none of that really matters to the left. The move to destroy traditional sexuality in America is about so much more than the comfort of a few confused individuals; it’s about damaging conservatism and marginalizing Christianity and the culture that goes with it.

If you’d like to contact Miraloma Elementary and its Principal, Sam Bass, here’s their information.

Miraloma Elementary School

175 Omar Way

San Francisco, CA 94127



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