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Publius Huldah Takes On “Parental Rights Amendments” On The Liberty Belles (Video)

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Published on: May 14, 2022

First of all, we apologize for the late posting. Many of you are aware of the increased challenges to Suzanne’s time. So, if you missed The Liberty Belles “Saturday Night Special” live with constitutional attorney, Joanna Martin, aka Publius Huldah, you can catch it here.

The Liberty Belles, with the valuable expertise of Ms. Martin, nuke the parental rights amendments that many in the states are touting as “providing rights” to parents when it comes to school curricula, removing sex education from the schools, and giving parents “tools” to combat uncooperative school boards. These parental rights amendments do not do any of what is being claimed as Ms. Martin confirms. Moreover, the issue of school choice is being interwoven into this issue as a means to provide parents with more control over the education of their offspring. School choice does not provide parents with more control, but actually helps an agenda go forward that will eradicate more God-given unalienable rights. Ms. Martin confirms what the Liberty Belles research has exposed.

Here is the information Ms. Martin sent regarding the united States NOT being incorporated or a corporation.

Re the myth that our problems stem from the alleged “fact” that the US gov’t is a private corporation.  Two silly claims have been put forth to “prove” this myth:

1.  The first claim is that a provision of the US Code  – 28 USC §3002 (15)  – is what turned the US gov’t into a private corporation.  I expose that false claim here:   and scroll down to: The U.S. government is NOT a Private Corporation!

2. The 2nd claim is that the “Act of 1871” is what turned the US gov’t into a private corporation.  This excellent article by Attorney Larry Becraft, “United States of America is Not a Private Corporation: Analysis of the “Act of 1871″ Nonsense”  exposes that false claim.  

There are a number of other equally false claims floating around the Patriot Community.  These are dangerous because the false claims (1)  allow Americans to blameshift from themselves and their own failures to learn and enforce and adhere to our Founding Principles and Founding Documents to evil conspirators who supposedly passed the laws which did these things to us; and (2) these false claims distract Americans from learning the Truth.  Instead of learning the TRUTH; Patriots obsess about these false claims and focus on them instead of the Truth.  I have seen “Patriots” reject Truth and obstinately adhere to these silly theories which are false!

Blame-shifting is one of the oldest sins.  Adam blamed Eve and blamed God!   Americans of today put the blame on evil conspirators instead of where it belongs:  on themselves for failing to learn and enforce our founding documents. 

3.  Who develops these false claims?  Two possibilities come to mind:  That they are developed by (1) ignorant people who read stuff they don’t understand, but don’t know that they don’t understand it, and so come up with these absurd theories (think of the Dunning-Kruger effect); and (2)  black ops – disinformation deliberately put out there to deceive “Patriots” and get them barking up the wrong tree.   If Americans understood that it is their own ignorance, laziness, cowardice, immorality, and desire to live at other peoples’ expense which is the actual cause of our problems – they might repent and change their ways!    

4.  How can we be on guard against such false claims?    Here are two ways:  (1) Consider the source:  What qualifies the person who is making the claim as an expert on the issue?  Check out what they say with someone who actually might know the Truth.   (2) And consider this:  What is the “nexus” between the claim made by the myth and the dire condition we are in?  E.g., even if Congress had passed a law which purported to make the US Gov’t a private corporation; how did that cause our problems?  What’s the connection between such a law and the mess we are in?   Isn’t it more likely that our problems are caused by the moral & spiritual collapse of The American People and the fact that everyone ignores our two Founding Documents? 

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