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Pulling Your Money Out of Wells Fargo is a Step to Winning the Culture War

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Published on: June 16, 2015

Rev. Franklin Graham took a brave stand when he posted a message on his Facebook page asking, “How can we fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community?”

That’s a great question, and one to which people who love God, family and country must quickly find an answer.

“Wells Fargo bank is using a same-sex couple in their advertising [to promote the homosexual adoption of children, a growing and alarming trend]. … But it has dawned on me that we don’t have to do business with them. At the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we are moving our accounts from Wells Fargo to another bank.”

Bingo! I believe Rev. Graham has struck pay dirt! There is no reason for decent Americans to continue supporting businesses that show outright disdain for their values.

For proof that Rev. Graham is “over the target,” look no further than the “incoming” from the usual suspects, the media:

  • “Anti-LGBT ‘Minister’ Franklin Graham Hates for Jesus” – Daily Beast
  • “Franklin Graham’s Manipulative Faith” – Huffington Post
  • “How About a Boycott of Franklin Graham?” – Anderson Independent-Mail
  • And from Forbes: “Franklin Graham’s Move to Pull Money from Wells Fargo for Same Sex Ad Backfires.”


From the Forbes article, “Rev. Graham told Family Research Council last Monday that BB&T would receive his charities’ funds, only for media outlets to note that the bank sponsored a Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade fundraiser last year, an event where two men were married. … BB&T received a score of 80 on the LGBT group Human Rights Campaign’s “Corporate Equality Index.” Wells Fargo received a perfect 100 on the same index.”

Said Rev. Graham in response, “It is true that a local BB&T branch in the Miami area hosted a fundraiser for a program called Legacy Couples, which recognizes same-sex couples who have been in committed relationships for 10 years or more, but the bank did not promote this program through a national advertising campaign (or we would still be looking for another bank).”

It’s certainly possible that BB&T may only be marginally better than Wells Fargo on the moral meter. But if anything, that just shows how far major corporations have bent over to accommodate the homosexual lifestyle. Why do they do that?

In Wells Fargo’s case, note first that the company is headquartered in San Francisco. For a group that registers at less than two percent of the adult U.S. population (according to the CDC), homosexuals are sure loud and proud.

Wells and other companies that place high on the Human Rights Campaign’s index are being pressured by radical homosexuals, and see issues such as sodomy-based “marriage” continuing to gain traction.

Contrast that with the relatively meager influence of the “Moral Majority,” or more appropriately, the “Silent Majority.” Though the percentage of self-identified Christians has dropped almost seven percentage points between 2007 and 2014, seventy percent of Americans still identify themselves as Christians, according to the Pew Research Center. Yet, the Christian “lion” no longer roars – it meows.

Rev. Franklin Graham’s strategy can restore the roar! For all the media’s clamoring about his move “backfiring,” it’s actually impossible for this strategy to backfire, if it is deployed.

Why? Because investing your money in that which supports your values, and divesting your money away from that which does not support your values cannot fail. Note the left’s successful use of these strategies to divest funds and therefore support from South Africa in the ’80s, and now Israel.

Are the American people really powerless to stop the juggernaut of evil that has engulfed our land? Hardly – consider that, in addition to the tiny percentage of self-identified adult homosexuals:

  • Liberals – though growing somewhat – still make up a much smaller number than conservatives.
  • Publicly traded companies are known to bend to the demands of noisy minorities. Yet, their real Achilles heel is their need to please their stockholders by making profits. Therefore, our boycotts can trump their boycotts!

Have you heard of the phrase, “Vote with your pocketbook”? Well, I believe this is the last, best chance traditional Americans have to “rock the vote.”

The banks are as good a place as any to start. This is where a lot of our money is. Find a bank whose values do not openly contradict your own. Pull your money out of banks like Wells Fargo that promote the radical homosexual agenda, and be sure to tell the manager why you’re doing it: Because promoting two mommies adopting a child is wrong – it’s wrong to deny a mother and a father to every child.

Putting our money where our morals are, and pulling it from companies that don’t represent our values, is a foolproof way to win the culture war.

Do the American people really want our values to triumph, or do they just want to blow off steam?

Let’s quit whining and start winning!

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