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Quebec Premier: “You Cannot Disconnect… Terrorism from Islam in General”

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Published on: June 27, 2017

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard didn’t get everything right in a speech on Thursday in which he called on the Muslim community to play a role in preventing Islamic terror, but he got one thing right and that is that you cannot disconnect terrorism from Islam in general.

“Unfortunately, you cannot disconnect this type of event – terrorism – from Islam in general,” Couillard said, responding to the arrest of Amor Ftouhi of Montreal after a terror assault in Michigan.

He told leaders in the Muslim community that he holds a similar view to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Last week, Macron spoke before the French Council of the Muslim Faith at a meal to break the Ramadan fast and said, “It is up to you, religious leaders, to fight toe to toe on theological and religious terrain, to expose the usurping of your values, the appropriation of your religion’s history, the negation of 15 centuries of interpretation work done by your scholars.  The battle of thought and faith must be fought on the ground, especially among the younger generations.”

“He told them, it’s also your responsibility to act on the theological front, to explain to your people that this (terrorism) is not part of the religion, that it is contrary to the teachings of the religion. There is a dual responsibility,” Couillard said.

This is where he is just flat out wrong.  There is no way to explain to people that terrorism is not a part of Islam or that it is contrary to Islam.  It’s peppered throughout the Koran, especially in the last words written from Muhammad.  It’s in the hadiths.  It’s in the 1,400-year track record of the religion of pieces.  To remove terror and jihad from Islam is to make Islam something that it is not.

Just take a look at prominent Muslims and what they have to say about jihad and world domination by clicking here.

While there are certainly Muslims who will not obey the commands of the Koran to engage in jihad and terrorism, that doesn’t stop it from being a true account of what is taught in the Koran and what was lived out by its founder.

Part of Couillard’s problem is he simply does not want to face the whole truth.  He sees part of it, but like Macron, he travels down the road in which he is blinded by political correctness, something we refer to today as “tolerance.”

And his comments obviously upset the Muslim community, and look how they responded.

“With remarks like this, saying Islam cannot be disconnected from terrorism, Mr. Couillard is pouring oil on the fire,” said Eve Torres, co-ordinator of a group that works to integrate Muslim women into Quebec society. “He is premier, and not only is he saying Islam and terrorism are inseparable, he says the responsibility for terrorism falls also on the Muslim community. It endangers communities that are already stigmatized.”

Why? Why is it pouring oil on the fire Ms. Torres?  If Islam does not teach terror and jihad, then why wouldn’t your people obey the teachings in the Koran and why would this be pouring oil on the fire?

I almost feel like the character of Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men when he questioned Jack Nicholson‘s character about his men following orders here.

The National Post also reports on another Muslim who continues to whitewash what Islam is.

Haroun Bouazzi, co-president of the Association of Muslims and Arabs for a Secular Quebec, said community members have for years been working to combat radicalization. When young Quebecers seeking to join the jihad are arrested, it is usually an imam or family member who has tipped off police, he said.

But expecting the community to detect a lone wolf who buys a knife and travels to Michigan is asking a lot, he said.

“This person had an understanding of his faith that allowed him to kill people. That is obviously the reality, and we cannot bring back the words of ‘Allahu akbar’ inside his mouth. He actually yelled that,” Bouazzi said.

“But to link this fact and the responsibility of Muslim communities to play a special role more than any normal citizen is actually stigmatizing.”

Earlier this month, Statistics Canada said that crimes against Muslims were up 60% in 2015.  However, what was largely unpromoted was the fact that Jewish Canadians remained the most targeted religious minority, even though the numbers involving Canadian Jews had declined from the previous two years.

Additionally, CBC reports:

Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation fell to 141 reports to police in 2015 from 155 the year before. But the incidents tended to be more violent in nature, with 42 per cent reporting an injury.

While reported hate crimes targeting blacks also declined, they still made up the largest percentage of the total number. There were 224 incidents in 2015, making up 17 percent of all hate crimes, compared to 238 the year before.

Black activist and Muslim Chelby Daigle said while many people are linking the more recent apparent rise in hate crimes to the policies and rhetoric of U.S. President Donald Trump, she said the young age of perpetrators and victims suggests a “homegrown” problem.

No crime against any person should be acceptable and should be punished in accordance with the law, no matter if the person is black, white, a Muslim, a homosexual or whatever.

Here’s the clincher in the Post piece.  “Bouazzi said that instead of dwelling on the responsibility of Muslim leaders to prevent extremism, Couillard’s government should be tackling the exclusion of young Muslims that can lead to radicalization. ‘If somebody has to take responsibility for prevention, it’s the government,’ he said.”

Did you get that?  It’s not the responsibility of those that follow Islam to teach something different than what the Koran teaches, it’s government’s responsibility to prevent jihad and terror, which means an enforcement of Sharia, which means a silencing of free speech regarding the truth of what Islam actually is.

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