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QUIT SUPPORTING THEM: Businesses Acting As Mask Police Are As Guilty As The Tyrants That They Are Subjected To!!

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Published on: August 24, 2020

“There is NO Constitutional Law that mandates wearing a mask.”

I have to say that at first when I saw what was taking place with the businesses that were shutting down because of the states’ unconstitutional mandates, I sincerely felt for them. However, after watching how some of these businesses have dealt with their customers and clients, I have lost all compassion on their behalf.

Just last month, while going to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, we wanted to test the airlines as to how it was going to go, and so we did. We flew Delta. On the way there, everything went fine; no masks, no harassments, just doing what we have always done for the last 23 years of ministry (Luke 19:10). But on the way back, it was a different story. When we got onto the plane, there were 10 people all spread apart for their psychological warfare to take effect.

Aside from this, the hospitality was a thing of the past if you were not pretending with them when it comes to the perpetual fraud being committed on a global scale by corruptions in government (Ephesians 4:14). After I read the US Constitution, I attempted to take a nap only to have the little social justice stewardess come up to me and ask if I wanted a mask? I told her that I did not and that I had a lawful exemption. She persisted to the point where I told her that she was harassing me, which, by the way, makes me all the more resolved to stand against this tyranny (Proverbs 28:1).  Of course, like any other little totalitarianist, she replied with “You will not use that tone on my plane.” Accuse others of what you are guilty of doing (Revelation 12:10).

A third time she did the same thing and then I told her to give me her name, at which point, she took her badge and put it closer to my face in a defiant manner. Over the next hour, she backed off a bit and then told me that there will be a Delta Customer Specialists waiting for me at the gate.

When the plane landed, the pilot spoke over the head speakers to tell the other 10 customers to please remain seated while a customer on board was to have the specialist deal with them. When the specialist got on board, he said with a loud voice “Where are they?” Friends, you cannot make this up, and we have it all recorded, by the way.  After having a very short conversation, he then, understanding what just happened, apologized in part only to receive an email from Delta 10 days later telling us that we will not fly again until the mask mandate is over. Friends, the Delta corporate office, in essence, said, “Guilty until proven innocent” without asking us one question. You have to ask yourself who they are working for all the while knowing the government’s narrative has fallen apart a thousand times over (Jeremiah 11:9).

Friends, you have to remember that businesses all over the country took bailout money from the people. Yes, the people. The government took the money from the taxpayers only to tell the businesses what they are now to do if they take the money.

Are these businesses turning on the tyrannical government who unconstitutionally gave the unlawful edicts to shut down their businesses, or are they now turning on their own customers?

Taking it a step further, people need to understand that these businesses that are compliant with corruption are only now doing their biddings, which further adds strength to tyranny rather than resisting and defying tyranny (Romans 12:21). In other words, they are just as guilty.

Employer Mandated Vaccines Coming?

In conclusion: this has now happened with me on 3 occasions since this circus has been put on by the clowns in Washington and state level actors.

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