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Race Baiters Pull Out the Big Guns – No Pun Intended

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Published on: May 27, 2015

Now, I wonder what – or who – might have possessed former NBA superstar, Airplane film veteran and – oh, yes – black Muslim Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to write a column for Time magazine on race relations, using the situation in Baltimore as his jumping-off point (no pun intended).

Ya gotta love this guy. In addition to being a six-time NBA champion and league Most Valuable Player, Time also describes Abdul-Jabbar as “a celebrated author, filmmaker and education ambassador.” Like he’s an elder statesman or something…

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Anyway, just like Bathhouse Barry Obama, his manly wife Michelle, and other purveyors of boilerplate race-baiting swill, Abdul-Jabbar says that what happened in Baltimore is “bigger” than just the death of Freddie Gray or allegations of police brutality against blacks.

Just like Bathhouse Barry Obama, his manly wife Michelle, and other purveyors of boilerplate race-baiting swill, Abdul-Jabbar painted a picture of a dismal, dysfunctional “Black America” for whom circumstances had not changed one jot since 1955.

The distinguished scholar then issued a sober warning: The kinds of violent protests and rioting that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore could spread across the country if things don’t change.

Spooky… Again – no pun intended.

“I suggest we all pay attention to what’s happening in Baltimore,” Abdul-Jabbar opined, “because it’s very likely that unless the economic and injustice issues raised there are addressed in a meaningful way across the country, we will be seeing many more Baltimores throughout the election season.”

Oh, dear. I suppose that means we all ought to pressure our congressman into going along with whatever Bathhouse Barry says toward erecting (again, no pun intended) his national police leviathan – because, you see, that’s the only thing that will prevent every major city in the continental US from becoming a smoldering moonscape littered with the bodies of white children. Turn the white guilt up like never before, and offer outright communism as the cure.

Needless to say, Abdul-Jabbar made no mention of the root cause of the endemic socioeconomic malaise that continues to plague inner-city black communities: Fifty years of progressive policies espoused and enacted by Bathhouse Barry Obama and the Democrats before him.

In March, also for Time magazine, Abdul-Jabbar condemned one of the left’s “love to hate” causes: Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, claiming that it is the equivalent of Sharia Law in America. “The mission is to force everyone to follow the teachings, lest they be punished.”

The boundless hypocrisy that comes out of Muslims and those on the left. Like this isn’t precisely what Muslims are doing around the globe – at the point of a gun, sword, or whatever those knives they use to saw people’s heads off on camera are…

As I’ve said before: Amazing how those coming out of the woodwork to chime in with the radical marching orders lately all sound like they got the same fax from the White House.

Remember the old 1920’s newsreel footage of communist marchers in several American cities clashing with police and patriotic Americans, finally being mowed down by federal officers with tommy guns?

I thought not – because this never occurred. It should have, because if it had occurred, we might very well have avoided all this.


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