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Racism on the Internet? Why, There Oughtta Be a Law!

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Published on: May 26, 2015

I know I don’t have to figure this out for everyone, but I also know that my validating what people out there feel, discern or suspect has so often resulted in a tsunami of accord, support, and yes, fellowship, that it would be plain stupid for me not to speak my mind.

As reported by Breitbart‘s Charlie Spiering on Friday, the White House press briefing featuring Josh Earnest on the previous day included a New York Times reporter querying Earnest about “hateful” and “overtly racist” comments directed at President Obama from Twitter users following the debut of Obama’s new @POTUS Twitter account.

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And so the dance began…

Earlier this week, a number of conservative media outlets ran with the story of Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart saying that some of the racist and hateful tweets directed toward President Obama on social media were enough to “make you question your support for 1st Amendment.”

Well, Mr. Capehart; fortunately for me, I still have the right to say you should be fed into the nearest wood chipper. Fortunately for you, I just don’t have the right to do it. Even if Mr. Obama was not a complete and utter treasonous scoundrel, neither your nor my disgust at those who disparage him validate our questioning support for the First Amendment. Granted that you and your ilk no longer care what a slippery slope censorship is, since you believe you are well on your way to disenfranchising everyone who disagrees with you, but this simply illustrates the yawning chasm of difference in character between your side and mine.

I can almost hear them in the White House now, planning the unveiling of Obama’s Twitter account, fully intending to exploit any racially-charged derision to the utmost, so as to play into their “racist America” narrative.

In the case of Earnest’s exchanges with the ‘Times reporter, of course this was contrived to underscore the need for government intercession to stem the tide of all the horrible racism online, you see.

“‘Has there been any discussion among him and his advisors or here at the White House about whether these kinds of conversations should be tolerated, if these people should be blocked?’ the reporter asked.” – Breitbart

Excuse me, Mr. New York Times reporter hack eunuch. It’s not up to the White House to determine if distasteful exchanges on social media should be “tolerated,” or if “these people should be blocked” by Twitter – or the Internet police, or whomever you had in mind.

“‘Unfortunately, those kinds of images and that kind of language is all too common on the Internet,’ Josh Earnest said…”

Aw, shucks, Josh – and wouldn’t it just be neat-o of someone would come along and do something about it – like maybe round up all those president-hating racists by the thousands in the dead of night and put bullets in their heads?

In the meantime, just have a gander at some prime time TV sitcoms or dramas these days, or watch MTV for a few hours and tell me what you think is more harmful to society at large – an entertainment media positively dedicated to rotting minds, hearts, and souls, or some pissed-off doofus on Twitter calling Barack Obama a “n***er fa**ot.”

Can you see how these communists are setting us up? They all have their marching orders now – from the White House hacks to the sympathetic entertainers and sports figures, to surrogates in the press and activist circles. They’re all carefully guiding Americans toward the same “conclusion” – their conclusion: That whether it’s taking over the Internet, nationalizing local police forces, or seizing control of markets, resources, and property – why, it’s high time the federal government stepped in to decisively address that which all reasonable people believe we cannot tolerate.

And isn’t it just awful that there are Americans who actually hate Barack Hussein Obama because of the innumerable hateful things he’s done? Isn’t it terrible that some of them are so desperately angry over the fact that our president is a serial liar who has committed fraud, treason, and possibly murder; who has sabotaged our economy, our foreign policy, our relationships with allies, has gutted our military, has conspired to factionalize the nation through fomenting class warfare, has collaborated with our enemies, and a host of other prosecutable offenses, that they can’t help but discharge their tensions through some choice racial epithets?

Add to that Obama being a lifelong two-bit hustler and bath house-frequenting druggie with zero real-life accomplishments and what – we should expect people to like him?

Personally, I cannot come up with anything in the form of epithets or vulgarity to call Mr. Obama that is worse than what he is already, but I’ll say this: If there are not enough Americans who will be prepared to rise up and crush all of the craven, treacherous, avaricious swine in our government with extreme prejudice after experiencing the likes of the Obama cabal, then maybe the American people deserve to be enslaved.


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