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“Rape the White Girls” Poet Included in Florida’s Black AP Course

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Published on: January 21, 2023

“We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of s__t),”

The media lies. It always lies.

DeSantis sparks outrage with rejection of African American studies class – The Hill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is facing criticism after his administration rejected an Advanced Placement African American Studies course from being taught in Florida schools, the latest curriculum-related action by the governor to draw fierce backlash.

The DeSantis administration made the move earlier this month, when it sent a letter to the College Board Florida Partnership arguing that “the content of this course is inexplicably contrary to Florida law and significantly lacks educational value.” The letter didn’t name which law the course purportedly violated, and the state’s Department of Education did not clarify that matter when asked by The Hill.

In fact it’s quite obvious when studying the contents, as the Florida Standard has done, why it’s blatantly in violation of Florida’s Stop Woke Act.

Section 4 of the syllabus introduces the topic “Postracial Racism and Colorblindness” and features texts from Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, who employs Critical Race Theory in his writings.

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s book Racism without Racists describes how “Whites talk, think, and account for the existence of racial inequality and makes clear that color-blind racism is as insidious now as ever.” The book’s second chapter, entitled “What is Systemic Racism? Coming to Terms with How Racism Shapes ‘All’ Whites (and Non-Whites)” explains how “all members of society participate in structural racism,” according to an online summary.

Section 4 also includes “Black Queer Studies.” A description states: “This topic explores the concept of queer color critique, grounded in Black feminism and intersectionality, as a Black studies lens that shifts sexuality studies towards racial analysis.”

Additionally, Topic 4.29 focuses on the “Black Lives Matter movement” and 4.30 includes a call for reparations from racist author Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Topic 4:26 pushes police and prison defunding. Topic 4:24 promotes liberation theology. Topic 4:15 includes a text from the writings of domestic terrorist Angela Davis.

The media doesn’t want to discuss any of this. And, as usual, it tries to smuggle in hate, bigotry and anti-Americanism under the guise of teaching “black history”. Much of this is not dealing with black history, but with radical leftist activism. And that’s inappropriate in an educational environment.

Finally, there’s the “writings of Amiri Baraka” in topic 4.10.

Here’s a sample of the writings of that deranged racist.

“I got the extermination blues, jew-boys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured… So come for the rent, jewboys, or come ask me for a book, or sit in the courts handing down your judgements still I got something for you, gonna give it to my brothers, so they’ll know what your whole story is, then one day, jewboys, we all, even my wig wearing mother gonna put it on you all at once.”

Later in “Confessions of a former Anti-Semite,” Baraka explained these lines as meaning “Jews had stolen Black secrets and then said that Hitler disliked Jews because he could smell the contact with Black on them.”

In “The Black Man in Making New Gods,” Amiri Baraka reached new heights of deranged anti-semitism, denouncing Jews, the way some Nazis did, for Christianity. “Atheist jews double crossers stole our secrets crossed the white desert to spill them,” Baraka ranted. “The fag’s death they gave us on a cross… they give us to worship a dead jew and not ourselves.” “The empty jew betrays us, as he does hanging stupidly from a cross, in an oven, the pantomime of our torture, so clearly, cinemascope the jews do it… the little arty bastards talking aritmetic they sucked from the arab’s head. Suck your pricks. The best is yet to come. On how we beat you and killed you.”

“We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of shit),” Amiri Baraka wrote. “Come up, black dada / nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape / their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats,” he wrote.

While these Baraka poems probably didn’t make the AP black history cut, no decent person should find any educational material that promotes racists like this to be acceptable.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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