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Recent KFF Survey Of The People Demonstrates The Fatigue Of CONvid-1984 Tyranny

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Published on: January 29, 2022

Friends, it’s time to ditch the “left/right”, “Democrat/Republican”, “liberal/conservative” paradigms. It only continues to divide the people, shift the focus from wrong-doing, and keep the corrupt, criminal politicians in power. If you haven’t figured it out, these paradigms exist to “entertain” you out of your God-given individual unalienable rights by guiding your attention to the “WWE” matches playing out in government at all levels.

Before going further, here’s a disclaimer, which should not have to be presented. But, it never fails there will be someone who will criticize the observation this writer is making.

This in no way seeks to diminish, dismiss, demean or marginalize the work done by the publication cited nor any of its authors, editors, or employees.

A recent article published by The New American carried the title, “Survey: COVID Fatigue Spells Trouble for Biden and Democrats”. Why is it only trouble for the demented-in-chief and his donkey organization? All of this started under the Trump administration and the elephant organization went along with everything as well. Has the entire populace of the united States forgotten that? Has the entire populace forgotten that the elephant organization barely uttered a peep this past year about the scam-demic measures after the dementia ridden occupant of the White House assumed office? And, don’t tell me about how Rep. Jim Jordan and Senator Rand Paul continually eviscerated Dr. Anthony S. Fauci in congressional and Senate hearings. Where is the action taken toward seeking justice against Dr. “I am Science” Fauci?

Did most people forget the massive voter fraud that occurred during the 2020 presidential election cycle that the elephant organization actually condoned on the floor of both chambers of Congress by refusing to exercise the authority given the legislative body under the Constitution? Apparently so. But, pointing out the failures of the elephant party along with the donkey party doesn’t bode well with the “Trump cult” – the elephant organization can’t do anything without Trump. (Yawn) It’s the same old song played on a different day.

The article at The New American could actually be used in a new game show called “Family Feud – CONvid-1984 Edition”.

Host: A recent survey by Kaiser Family Foundation indicated Americans experience many feelings about the CONvid-1984 planned scam-demic. The top five answers are on the board. What feelings did Americans experience the most?

Family Contestant A: (slaps buzzer button) Frustration

Host: Frustration, huh? Survey says —

The board revels “frustration” as number two in the survey.

Host: Okay, Family Contestant B, to gain control of the board you need to guess the number one answer. What feeling did Americans experience the most?

Family Contestant B: I’ll say anger.

Host: Anger?

The board revels “anger” as number four in the survey.

You get the idea.

The answers in order of percentage points were tiredness, frustration, optimism, anger, and confusion. Naturally, this was broken down by “organization affiliation” and included “independents”.

Here’s the point that needs to be made – Facts don’t care about your feelings. Yet, that entire article dealt with “feelings”. Don’t misunderstand. The buildup of certain feelings can lead one to action; however, without the facts to rely upon, those feelings cannot sustain action. Why? All it takes is for “someone” to come along throw more words toward the public to incite feelings that create more confusion, more doubt, and more conflict that can negate action or prevent action.

While it is comforting to know there are other people who “feel” the same, it is important to clear those emotions and begin to operate on a factual, rational basis to affect change.

Take a look at the suppositions made with the survey. And, remember, depending on how the questions are asked along with who is taking the survey, results can be skewed to obtain the “desired” responses.

Fatigue and frustration manifest themselves in a feeling of inevitability about contracting the virus. Seventy-seven percent of adults, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, feel most people in the United States will eventually get infected, the poll found. [Emphasis added]

Some Americans are starting to acknowledge the fact that the COVID vaccines are not helping to end the pandemic. The share of Americans attributing rising breakthrough infection rates to vaccine failure has increased since September, from 26 to 34 percent.

Just because a majority of people in a survey “feel” something does not mean it will happen. Besides, all of this negates the “fact” that SARS-CoV-2 has not been purified, isolated, or proven to cause any illness whatsoever. It is “assumed” the “official narrative” is factual. After a year of injections with an experimental poisonous soup, a little over a third of those surveyed are now acknowledging injection failure – something many doctors, nurses, and researchers indicated before the injections were on the market due to past attempts to create a “vaccine” for any coronavirus.

It gets even more interesting.

The overall public said that, compared to previous COVID waves, they were “more worried” about the impact of the Omicron surge on the economy and local hospitals, but “less worried” about the impact on their own personal lives. Black and Hispanic respondents and those with lower incomes reported higher levels of personal worries such as missing work due to COVID or becoming seriously ill or hospitalized.

Notably, vaccinated respondents were more likely than the unvaccinated to say they were worried about getting infected with, getting seriously sick from, or being hospitalized due to COVID. 

Seventy-six percent of the unvaccinated respondents said they did not worry about Omicron adversely affecting them personally, while 65 percent of the vaccinated said the same.

Half of Democrats said the country’s biggest problem is the pandemic, while nearly as many Republicans said it is inflation, the survey found.

Are you getting the picture? Worry is Satan’s playground. Worry ties the hands to prevent action. More are “worried” about a variant of a “virus” that is not proven to cause illness as it relates to the economy and the effect on local hospitals. Did a “virus” cause any economic issues or problems for local hospitals? Not at all. The problems created fall at the feet of the government, the medical profession, and all organizations associated with both.

If you look at how this survey is broken down, it plays to political-racial-socioeconomic-injection demographics. These are key factors in promoting division among the populace.

Granted, this survey is showing a “shift” in attitudes and perception; however, the focus on “feelings” muddy the waters. Moreover, the “worry” factor is really the fear factor.

A total of 71 percent of survey participants said they were “very” or “somewhat” worried that restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Omicron would hurt local businesses in their area, and 68 percent of respondents said they were worried that their local hospitals would be overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients or that other new and more-serious variants would spread in the United States. 

The survey also found that Democrats were much more likely than Republicans to be afraid of their local hospitals becoming overwhelmed (86 percent vs. 50 percent) and of new variants emerging and spreading in the country (86 percent vs. 48 percent).

When it comes to the change in behavior related to Omicron, the vaccinated were more likely than their unvaccinated counterparts to use additional protections against the strain. Forty-nine percent of the vaccinated said they were more likely to wear a mask in public, compared to 25 percent of the unvaccinated, and 45 percent of the vaccinated also decided to avoid large gatherings, while only 15 percent of the vaccinated did the same.

Can readers see what “feelings” do? The majority of survey respondents are “very or somewhat” worried, aka fearful, “that restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of Omicron would hurt local businesses” and overwhelm local hospitals with CONvid-1984 patients. Yet, these respondents never question if those implementing restrictions have the authority to initiate those restrictions. Their feelings are clouding their judgement. From the survey, injected respondents appear to be more fearful than the uninjected. They should be due to the harm being inflicted upon their body by the poisonous injection since the injection was never designed to alleviate infection or transmission. It turned the body into a bioweapon manufacturing conduit. Fear is tying the hands of the populace into taking action against the crimes being perpetrated against it.

Here’s a bit of a surprise.

The vaccination status and change in behavior closely correlate with the respondents’ party affiliation: 62 percent of Democrats said they were likely to use masks and 55 percent would avoid large gatherings, while only 22-23 percent of Republicans believed those measures were worth taking.

Didn’t all of this begin under Trump – the individual every donkey organization member hated? Yet, the majority of the donkey organization members are following the measures implemented during the “Orange Man” administration. It was Trump who initiated “Operation Warp Speed” with these injections; yet, it is the donkey organization members who jumped on the bandwagon of getting injected. Hmmm… fear makes strange bedfellows.

Another “fun fact” revealed in the KFF survey was this little gem.

Despite the Biden administration and the president himself warning unvaccinated Americans of a “winter of severe illness and death” as Omicron made its way to America, the strain does not appear to be motivating unvaccinated adults to get a COVID shot. Only eight percent of those questioned said the strain has made them more likely to get vaccinated, but 15 percent said Omicron has made them less likely to do so. Those numbers suggest that the vaccines are not viewed by the unvaccinated as an effective tool for protection.

Those are small numbers to suggest the injections are being viewed by the uninjected as an “effective tool for protection”. There are many uninjected who are opposed to all types of injections and “vaccines” because of the lack of data on safety and efficacy, along with data to indicate the interventions actually produce harm – adults and children alike. Regardless of any type of “scariant”, the individuals opposed to any injections and “vaccines” are not going to change their stance. It is the higher number of individuals opposed to any injections and “vaccines” that suggest these are not effective for protection from anything.

Revealed in the article as well were the Pew Research Center poll on the demented-in-chief’s “approval” rating. In March of last year, his approval rating for the handling of the “pandemic” was at 65 percent. This month, his approval rating stands at 44 percent. Can anyone cite any action the dementia patient occupying the White House took on the “planned scam-demic” that would warrant a 65 percent approval rating with only two months in office? And, can anyone explain why, after this past year of bumbling, he has a 44 percent approval rating? By all accounts, it should be zero.

Moreover, the article cites a Yahoo News source quoting a bogus number of deaths in 2020 to the CONvid-1984, in this statement.

In November, however, the number of deaths associated with COVID in 2021 surpassed the 2020 total — even though the vaccines were not available until December 2020.

This is misleading as individuals who are dying after the injection became available are dying from the injection effects – allergic reactions, life threatening adverse events, antibody dependent enhancement, etc. Moreover, it excludes the fact that many individuals died because of the use of remdesivir and ventilator intervention in acute care settings in both 2020 and 2021, which turned out to be the wrong intervention. In other words, “murder” by ineffective, malfeasant treatment was counted as a COVID death. Interestingly, early treatment and prevention, which was known early on for whatever is making people ill, was maligned, labeled misinformation, and censored by the government, the Operation Mockingbird media, and many health care professionals.

The article concludes:

Despite United States health authorities admitting that the vaccines prevent neither infection from nor transmission of the virus, vaccinations remain the cornerstone of Biden’s strategy to tackle the pandemic. And since evidence suggests the vaccines have a so-called negative efficacy, meaning they make their recipients more likely to catch the virus (see here and here), it’s no wonder the people are seeing that Biden’s “plan” is failing.

Is the plan failing? What exactly is the plan? What is being told as the plan, may not be truthful. This administration is full of perpetual, habitual liars. If the plan is to maim, injure and murder as many people as possible before the people “catch on”, the plan is working. And, if the plan is to keep this “planned scam-demic” going as long as possible to ascertain more power and control over the people, the plan is working. Ask yourself this question – if you have a course of action, but along the way you see that course of action is not working, do you continue that course of action? Of course not. But, the regime is continuing a course of action that has not worked, will not work, and is designed to not work. Why would they continue it unless what they are telling everyone is really not the plan? Just some food for thought.

Regardless of what outlet you partake to receive news and information, always use discernment, critical thinking, and question what is being said.

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