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Reiner Fuellmich Interview With Ernst Wolff Exposes True Nature Of Puppetry Government (Video)

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Published on: December 13, 2021

If the seemingly exact response of all global nations to the unproven, unpurified, unisolated “virus” being touted as responsible for the COVID-19 “infection” is a bit scripted and contrived, you would be correct. But, the question that follows is “how is it that all of these global political and health officials came to ignore truth and facilitate lies“? Look no further than to the Klaus Schwab School for Dictators exposed by Ernst Wolff.

On the global stage, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) calls it “The Young Global Leaders school”. It may or may not surprise you as to who is on the alumni list or who could have given Schwab a hand in this endeavor. In his video interview with Reiner Fuelmich from the German Corona Committee, Wolff reveals facts about Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” school that have relevance for understanding the world events surrounding/during this planned scam-demic.

Part I of the video series of interviews provides a bit of history and reveals a “Who’s Who” among global officials spread over many nations who are alumni of Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders”.

It appears the WEF was borne out of none other than Harvard University, through possible delegation to Schwab to plan a “management forum of their own”, after Schwab received some type of study with none other than former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The “Who’s Who” of “Young Global Leaders”, formerly known as “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” established in 1992, includes current Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, selected for the class of 2019, a recent alumnus; current California governor and nephew of Nancy Pelosi Gavin Newsom, class of 2005; Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission; Virgin’s Richard Branson; Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, class of 1998; Microsoft’s Bill Gates, class of 1993; and former first daughter and Clinton Foundation member Chelsea Clinton.

The reach is worldwide and includes people from Asia, Africa and South America.

As Wolff indicated, the “school” likes to include critics of the system in order to appear fair and balanced, but also to gain “control” of the opposition.

Schwab and the WEF founded the “Global Shapers Community” in 2012, directed at targeting the “under 30” population around the world with potential “leadership” capabilities in order to select, vette, and groom future “political leaders” before placing these individuals in the world’s political machine.

Interestingly, the curriculae vitae (CV) of these political apparatchiks do not include attendance at “Young Global Leaders” school, “Global Leaders for Tomorrow”, or the “Global Shapers Community”. In fact, their CVs are very sparse, bringing into question how these individuals attained their positions of power with very little experience, while having connections with so many global entities. That doesn’t mean that those without experience are not able to attain positions in government – the Constitution for the united States of America has very little requirements to serving as a Senator, Representative or Executive. However, with the age requirements set forth in the US Constitution, one would expect to see a CV or resume that would reflect job experience indicating the individual seeking office would have some connection to the people he/she is expecting to serve. What is being referenced here are individuals with little job experiences on their CVs or resumes that are then elevated to positions of power, as in the case of Jacinda Ardern.

Part II of the video series features Wolfgang Wodarg, along with some stunning information regarding Blackrock and CEO Larry Fink, a graduate of Schwab’s “school”.

RAIR Foundation USA pointed out the depth of Wolff’s investigation.

Wolff believes that many elite universities play a role in the process determined by the WEF, and that they should no longer be seen as operating outside of the fields of politics and economics. He cites the example of the Harvard Business School, which receives millions of dollars from donors each year, as well as the Harvard School of Public Health, which was renamed the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health after it received $350 million from the Hong Kong-born billionaire Gerald Chan. The same is true of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, which became the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health after media mogul Michael Bloomberg donated $1.8 billion to the school in 2018.

Wolff states that the WEF’s influence goes far beyond those who have passed through the Global Leaders and Global Shapers programs, however, as the number of people who participate in the annual Davos conferences is much larger than many suspect; he mentions being informed that approximately 1,500 private jets bring attendees to the event each year, overloading Switzerland’s airports.

The main goal of the WEF’s activities, Wolff believes, is to facilitate and further high-level cooperation between big business and national governments, something which we are already seeing take place. Viviane Fischer, another participant in the Corona Committee podcast, points out that the British-based company Serco processes migrants for the British government and also manages prisons around the world, among its many other activities. The pharmaceutical industry’s international reach is also considerable: Wolff mentions that Global Leaders alumnus Bill Gates, for example, had long been doing business with Pfizer, one of the main producers of the controversial mRNA anti-Covid vaccines, through his Foundation’s public health initiatives in Africa since long before the pandemic began. Perhaps not coincidentally, Gates has become one of the foremost champions of lockdowns and the Covid vaccines since they became available, and The Wall Street Journal has reported that his Foundation had made approximately $200 billion in “social benefits” from distributing vaccines before the pandemic had even begun. One can only imagine what its vaccine profits are today.

Digital technology, which is now all-pervasive, is also playing a prominent role in the elite’s global designs. Wolff highlights that BlackRock, run by Global Leaders alumnus Larry Fink, is presently the largest advisor to the world’s central banks and has been collecting data on the world financial system for more than 30 years now, and undoubtedly has a greater understanding of how the system works than the central banks themselves.

One of the goals of the current policies being pursued by many governments, Wolff believes, is to destroy the businesses of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs so that multinational corporations based in the United States and China can monopolize business everywhere. Amazon, which was led until recently by Global Leaders alumnus Jeff Bezos, in particular has made enormous profits as a result of the lockdown measures that have devastated the middle class. 

In Part III of the video series, Wolff explains why Sweden and Switzerland, two countries who did not implement strict lockdowns, didn’t need to crash their economies – those two countries are already on the verge of using digital currency. Wolff provides other information as well that sheds light on exactly what is in the future, using the CONvid-1984 planned scam-demic as a cover. However, Wolff offers hope to stave off this plan through education of the people. Wolff, along with others, believe the timing is right as the narrative around the CONvid-1984 planned scam-demic is crumbling each day.

It was postulated some time back that the driving force behind this scam-demic resulting in the devastation of the people was the wealthy banking elite, the WEF, and other not-so-prominent figures hiding in the background. As it turns out, the theory was correct. The people are now seeing through the illusion. Democratic processes are maintained, somewhat, as an illusion for the people; however, we can see the people have been enslaved for quite some time. The governments of all nations are controlled by the super-wealthy and powerful with heads of state nothing more than puppets. Many have seen through this and know it for quite some time. This scenario is only now beginning to come to light for others.

Moreover, this proves there is no difference in Republican or Democrat parties. Both parties are part and parcel of being puppets for those who are pulling the strings. Government doesn’t work for the people, like it should as the people are the sovereign. Those in government are puppets for the global super-wealthy and powerful directing this scam. And, don’t think for one minute that Donald J. Trump wasn’t part of it.

Take time to read the entire article at RAIR Foundation USA and watch the videos. Share it with everyone you know. Most may not believe it. But, if only a small percentage of people become aware of this, it swells the ranks of those who cherish freedom and liberty. If you still refuse to see what is happening, thinking anyone with an “R” behind their name is “for you” and “Trump” is the answer, take heed to this statement by Samuel Adams.

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

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