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Religion of War, Violence, and Death Update

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Published on: August 14, 2018

Whatever Islam is, what it clearly is not is a religion of peace. It is rather a religion of war, violence, and death.

In London today, a man has been arrested for driving his car into a crowd of cyclists and pedestrians outside Parliament, in classic Muslim style. Authorities, in contrast to their usual reticence, have already made it clear that the driver is being interrogated “on suspicion of terror offences.”

Just over a year ago, Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood deliberately aimed his vehicle at pedestrians and rammed into the gates of Parliament. That jihadi killed five people, including a law enforcement officer, before police shot him dead.

In Sweden, which has foolishly allowed over 600,000 Muslims to immigrate over the last five years, 100 vehicles were torched last night by Muslim gangs in three major cities in what authorities believe was a coordinated,military-style attack. Headline: “Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities.”

Meanwhile, we have been at war with the Taliban in Afghanistan since October of 2001, coming up on 17 years. According to the Washington Times, late last week the Taliban launched “a surprise offensive” that has thrown a “vexing new wrench”’ into President Trump’s strategy. The Taliban overran an army base, and is “on the verge” of taking control of the city of Ghanzi, a key provincial capital. We are spending $4 billion a year in what is doomed to be a losing effort.

The president’s goal is for Afghani government forces to take control of 80% of the territory in Afghanistan to drive the Taliban to the negotiating table. But sadly, the coalition “remains no closer to achieving the goal.”

And if that isn’t bad enough, ISIS has claimed a foothold in Afghanistan with goals to establish a caliphate and attack the West.

Closer to home, Muslim jihadi Siraj Ibn Wahhaj built a squalid compound in New Mexico with the goal of teaching young children how to carry out a school shooting. Wahhaj and his adult accomplices were teaching these children tactical skills such as “speed loading,” how to fire a gun while on the move, and building untraceable assault rifles. Despite the fact that a disabled child died at the compound, the fool of a judge set bail for these Muslims on the grounds that “prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats or plan against the community.”

These four instances of Islamic radicalism, which have just surfaced in the last 24 hours, make it clear that It is long past time to adamantly reject the foolish premise that Islam is a “religion of peace.” Wherever Islam has gone since the days of Muhammad, death has followed in its wake. While Christianity has expanded its reach through persuasion, Islam has expanded its reach at the point of a sword. As Winston Churchill said, “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world” than Islam.

This is not Islamophobia, it’s Islamo-realism.

Unfortunately, the elites here and in Europe remain willfully and stubbornly blind to the reality of Islam. The first step to freedom in any 12-step program is admitting you have a problem, and this they will not do. They are like the blind attempting and failing to lead the blind. And as Jesus said, unless we wake up we will all find ourselves in a ditch. Or worse.

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