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Religion and Politics – Are You Really Sure You Don’t want to Talk about Them?

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Published on: October 20, 2014

It has been said that there are two things you can’t discuss: Religion and Politics. Really? Who said that? Who sold you that? You talk about great restaurants, great movies, places you visit, but bring in God or political preference and a hush falls over the air!

We are told that people feel that religion is a personal thing and that you shouldn’t wear it on your sleeve. Keep it to yourself! Again I say, really? Where does that come from?

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The Bible says they will know us by our fruits and that we are not to be ashamed of the gospel. Well, how do you speak about the gospel without talking about Christ?

A recent Pew poll showed that over 72% of Americans feel religion is losing influence in America, but that 49% of Americans don’t want it to!

The Freedom from Religion freaks, I’m sorry I keep misstating their name, the organization known as The Freedom from Religion Foundation say otherwise. They have brought several lawsuits against many organizations for things like having Bibles in hotels at military bases. They were also going to save some cheerleaders in the south from being exposed to prayers before a football game. After all, we all know how detrimental prayer can be on a young mind maybe we should have a moment of Hip Hop or one of rapper Eminem‘s uplifting songs before the game?

The parents of the cheerleaders and others in that small town showed up at the next football game and after the national anthem (I am sure they will attack that next) parents and students held hands and recited the Lord’s Prayer. Imagine that, a whole community not offended by prayer to the Almighty. I’ll bet there were a few blood vessels popping over at the FFRF’s headquarters that night!

Overall, Americans want “religion” brought back as a part of our government. They want the freedom to worship openly like our founding fathers did and wanted as well.

Many Americans state they want churches to have the right to express their views on social and political issues as well from the pulpit. Can you imagine the hyperventilating going on at the ACLU? Its OK boys, grab a bag and breath deep.

According to the poll, a growing number of Americans say churches should be able to endorse in a political race, and why not? Forget party, look at what’s been taking place. We’ve been getting one candidate who is a devout atheist, against traditional marriage, doesn’t believe life starts until the baby starts walking, believes religion should be censored; and we get another candidate who believes in traditional marriage, life starts at conception and you can’t separate your Christianity from your political life. Are people actually suggesting the Church shouldn’t be able to call out which candidate most lines up with its core beliefs and value system? Really? Well over the past 14 years, the number of Americans who think they should has risen by 12%!

As more and more Americans say they believe in “a God,” but not in organized religion, the amount of those same Americans say that Churches should come out and endorse a candidate. We should support and encourage them.

People, wake up! Get engaged and involved. The Bible says when a godly man rules the people are at peace! We have not been at peace for years. Get off your behinds and get involved. Help get a godly person elected. Help and support that godly person once elected and hold them accountable to their promises before you and God.

Get involved and get engaged in your God given right to keep your freedom.

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