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Remember those Kindergarteners from 9/11? They’re Voters Now

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Published on: October 7, 2014

When the Twin Towers were struck by terrorists on September 11, 2001, George W. Bush was reading a book to a class of kindergartners.

Incredibly, many of those kids are now 18 — young adults — and will vote in their first election this November.

Sadly, the education these young adults have received for almost 13 years have done immense damage to their knowledge about our country.

Instead of learning how our nation is exceptional, these young adults have been fed a steady diet of liberalism that teaches America’s prosperity was built on war, the backs of minorities and the poor, all the while polluting our environment.

Yet for their entire lives, these young adults have never experienced a single rise in the temperature that liberals say is global warming.

For their entire lives, leftist politicians made promises to improve the economy and they grew the government to make it happen.

And now we’re worse off than where we started!

Employment prospects are dimmer than when the parents of these young adults entered the workforce.

And for many of those young adults, over half of them are not white.

Hispanics, who make the bulk of them, are told they are a special group that simply can’t make it in America like the immigrants who came before them without special help from the government.

That’s where I come in.

Every year, I go to college campuses to speak directly to these young adults.

I teach about my life, seven years on and off of dependency.

I teach about government’s limited role in America, which many have never even considered a possibility!

And I teach how exceptional America truly is — that my life embodies the American dream because I stopped believing the lie of the Left.

But their heroes in Hollywood, sports — and unfortunately their teachers — tell them not to believe in America while they themselves experience the fruit of America’s freedom.

I give them hope. I change their minds.

Every year, university administrators do everything in their power to stop me from talking to these young adults — including telling the campus police to make sure I cannot enter the buildings!

Here’s why this is important:

These new voters — who will graduate from college in only four years — become the next community organizers. It is on campuses across America where many of them are learning to organize right now!

Will you send me to campuses across America with an immediate contribution of $100 or more by clicking and following this link?


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