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Remember When Laura Loomer Handcuffed Herself To Twitter Headquarters? Look At The Impact It Had On Their Stocks!

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Published on: December 7, 2018

If you ever wonder just how big of an impact one person can make, just take a lesson from investigative journalist Laura Loomer.  Last Thursday, Loomer handcuffed herself to the doors of Twitter headquarters after the social media giant permanently banned her for a post telling the truth about Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  What’s astonishing is the immediate impact it had on Twitter’s stock, but that’s not all.

In a video report by Tim Pool, he points out a major stock dip in time with Loomer’s protest.  However, he also points out the impact that Fox News also had on Twitter’s stock when it boycotted Twitter voluntarily by not tweeting out anything.

Take a look at the brief report and see the numbers for yourself.

Pool wrote on November 30:

Twitter Stock Falls Amid Laura Loomer Protest, Conservative Backlash. Yesterday the top story in the US was Laura Loomer protesting at Twitter HQ but at the same time Reuters reported that Twitter stock was falling amid conservative backlash. It started to recover but took another hit after Loomer began protesting.

At this point it should be irrefutable that Twitter is biased against conservatives in fact its even in their rules. Twitter rolled out ideologically driven rules based not on facts but on intersectional feminism and social justice.

With the banning of Jesse Kelly, CJ Pearson, Laura Loomer (Pearson and Kelly got their accounts back) and The Fox news Boycott Twitter is in trouble if they lose half the population.

Reuters had previously reported on the fact that Twitter stock plummeted 6 percent after reports came out that Fox News had not tweeted for three weeks.  That report came just a day ahead of Loomer’s protest.

Fox News had 18.3 million followers and had not tweeted since November 8.

Fox News had asked the Twitter removed private information that was posted about Tucker Carlson, whose home and family were attacked by a criminal ANTIFA mob.  Even though that is against Twitter’s Terms of Service, the social media network refused to remove it, causing Fox News to decide not to tweet on their platform.

Take a look at when the stocks dropped.  On the 29th, they began to drop as reports concerning the Fox News boycott spread.  Then, again on the 30th, around the time that Loomer turned her cameras on for her live protest at Twitter headquarters.

So, there is an impact when corporations stand against this kind of tyranny and when individuals do it too.  Imagine what it would be like if for one month, we all determined not to use any social media.  Imagine the impact it would have on their wallets, and thus, on their policies.

So, what is the moral to the story?  It’s the same thing that the opposition attempts to use against us.  Hit them in their pocketbooks when they want to engage in censorship and politicking us out of our rights.  Instead of just sitting at the computer or the television, get out and make a fuss about it.  That really is what the First Amendment is about, protecting your right to free speech, and in doing so, it allows you to speak truth to the people and against totalitarian narcissists at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google.

But it only works when you use it.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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