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Removing Your Children from the Government Schools is a Revolutionary Act against the Tyranny of the State

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Published on: September 3, 2014

You will either fight for the survival of Christian culture in America, with a financial sacrifice, or you may have to fight for it by putting your body on the line, and that of your children assuming they are uncorrupted enough to understand its necessity. 

When Christian parents get mad at me for declaring that, short of them and their neighbors having overwhelming control over their local government schools, it is an obvious sin to send their children there, I just get right back in their faces.  Your children are going to school precisely because they are uneducated.  They are not missionaries saving the ignorant.  They are too ignorant themselves to be deconstructing the nonsense of modern secularism for their friends, let alone doing battle with their teachers.  Instead, the government school monopoly is simply overwhelming them with a sick intellectual culture, which starts with all of the myths of modernity about the nature of reason, science, and truth.  You must turn your children into postmodern, Christian revolutionaries — cultural revolutionaries who will complete the mission of taking all of the means of cultural production away from the secular state.  You must teach them to deconstruct this culture.  They must become guard dogs who are perfectly capable of killing the wolves that destroy the sheep.  But they are not in the right training school if it’s paid for by tax dollars. 

How many Christian parents, who have graduated their children from the public high schools, now wish that their children had never darkened the door of a government school?  I believe there are millions of them who refuse to admit it.  My son never darkened the door of a government school and this powerful rebellion against the state has paid off in spades.  Whereas I know parents who wish they had never sent their kids to the public schools, I am an example of so many people who will never regret NOT sending their children to the government schools.  If you are sending your kids to public schools for the sports programs, you are no longer a morally rational Christian.  You have become sick and are completely oblivious to what’s happening around you.  What is more important — your money or the souls of your children?  After you have taken your own child out of the government school, work to get your neighbor’s out.

In the postmodern age we Christians must take all of the means of cultural production away from the government.  The government schools are evil.  They are rooted in an evil lie — the notion that knowledge is some kind of tradition-neutral commodity.  Why would you support this lie?  Every choice that the government school makes, starting with deciding what to teach and what not to teach, is an unverifiable choice about the nature of Reality including the nature of The Good.

The courts have decided that Intelligent Design Theory cannot be taught in the public schools because it is not a scientific theory.  It is not a scientific theory, they say, because it is not falsifiable.  They are right about that, because no scientific theory is, in principle, falsifiable.  It is perfectly obvious that gradualist evolution (Darwinism) is not falsifiable and that the language of Darwinism is just a competing language game unintelligible by the standards of ordinary language.  (See appendix A of my book The Problem with Wheaton, available on  The philosophical naiveté of the courts, and of Christians who buy into this passé view of science, even basing litigation on it, is breathtaking.  Don’t you see what’s going on here?  You cannot win.  If you buy into naïve falsification, they will tell you that the religious view of Reality is not falsifiable because, quite obviously, it isn’t.  If you reject falsificationism then they will tell you that you are failing as a scientist.  It’s just a rhetorical strategy.  It is all bad faith.  There is no “scientific” verification or falsification of competing views of Reality.  Read your Paul Feyerabend.  Read your Thomas Kuhn.  There is just the raw, tyrannical power of the state imposing one view of Reality on as many of us as it can (encouraged by the average Christian’s ignorance, lack of passion for his own tradition, and cowardice), in order to secure its own power. 

And so you must use your own raw power.  You must recognize how powerful you are.  Empower yourself.  Or, rather, use the power that God has given you.  Take your kids out of the state’s brainwasher. 

Removing your children from the government schools is an overwhelmingly powerful, revolutionary act, and the state knows it.  It has very dramatic consequences.  Teach your children the Truth: There is only one form of universal reason on the face of the earth: the image of God inside of us all — with respect to which people either become authentic or inauthentic.  You cannot make peace with the world and every mega-church millionaire pastor, or naively rationalist Christian professor who tells you that you can, using universal reason, is undermining the Kingdom of God.   

If your children have you frightened into keeping them in the government schools with their so-called “friends” then you have clear evidence that you have already lost; that you have become impotent to redeem their minds and hearts.  Go ahead, tell me how lacking in sympathy, how bigoted I am for saying this.  I don’t care.  I am a parent, and I sent my kid to private Christian schools.  This was not an experiment.  I knew it would work and it did.  Now I have a son who is a glorious Christian revolutionary.  The world cannot fool him and he is not afraid of it.  He’s ready to fight in any way God requires.

Stop trying to reform the public schools.  This is a complete waste of your time and energy based on the ridiculous modern notion that we Christians share an account of reason with the world.  There is no debate.  There is no conversation.  There is no dialogue.  There is just incommensurate traditions at war.  You must embrace this to be at peace and understand your mission and that of your children.  Your children cannot survive the wasteland of western youth culture without a purpose fit for real human beings.

The government schools are the most powerful engine of cultural control and individual mind control ever devised by man.  You must destroy them by leaving them behind, no matter what it costs you.  Stop being helpless.  Experience your God given power.  You must laugh when the morons produced by the public schools tell you that government education reconciles rival traditions through universal reason.  You must become a sophisticated postmodern thinker.  You can no longer be a Christian in western culture without being a postmodern enemy of rationalism.  Do not let the philosophically ignorant tell you that you have then become the enemy of reason.  No!  You have become the proponent of the only form of reason there is — Christian reason; the universal image of God in man with respect to which anything declared “true” must be fulfilling. 

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