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Rep. Diane Black’s Resolution Calls on Middle East Governments to Recognize Freedom from Religious Persecution – Doesn’t Name Islam as the Cause

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Published on: March 6, 2015

If there is any doubt as to the ineptness of individuals in Congress, one only has to look at Republican Tennessee Rep. Diane Black. On Wednesday, Black introduced a resolution in the House that calls “on the governments of the Middle East to uphold the internationally recognized human right to freedom from religious persecution.” According to, “the resolution also urges the Obama administration to appoint a special envoy to promote religious freedom of religious minorities in the Middle East and South East Asia.”

Seriously? Obama, his administration and Congress cannot even recognize that the problem being experienced by religious minorities in the Middle East, Christians and Jews, is because of Islam. Even Rep. Black doesn’t even come straight out and say it.

“While President Obama quibbles about the most politically correct way to describe our enemies and uses the National Prayer Breakfast to criticize Christianity, religious minorities continue to face extreme persecution in the Middle East and far corners of the world,” Black said in a statement.

“From the kidnapping of Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria, by Boko Haram, to the unjust imprisonment of Pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran, to the savage beheading of 21 Coptic Christians at the hands of ISIS [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria], there is an urgent need for both Congress and this administration to speak out and engage this fight to protect religious freedom abroad.”

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Rep. Black has to be asleep at the wheel. This administration, headed by Obama, stands with Islam. Obama himself has said it. Our government has even financed Islamic rebels that are now ISIS. Reports have indicated that the CIA even trained them and Sen. John McCain is buddy buddy with the ISIS leader, who is the head of the imposed caliphate – well pictures show that he is anyway.

Congress approved legislation for an “envoy” in August of last year. However, the State Department opposed the bill saying it would be “counterproductive” and duplicate efforts already being done by existing officials. This would be the same State Department that lied to the American public about the Benghazi attack where four Americans were murdered being caused by a YouTube video, instead of declaring it as an Islamic attack. Proponents of an envoy stress it is desperately needed due to the continued persecution of religious minorities.

Black, in her resolution, cited a Pew Research Center analysis that indicates nearly a quarter of the world’s nations have some form of anti-blasphemy laws with most being found in the Middle East and North Africa. That should come as no surprise as the majority of Middle Eastern governments are Islamic. The analysis indicated that 70% of countries (14 out of 20) criminalized blasphemy and 60% of countries (12 out of 20) criminalized apostasy.

The continuing murder of Christians and other religious minorities by the ISIS was mentioned in the resolution, along with Iran’s continual arrest and imprisonment of Christians. Never once was it mentioned that the underlying common denominator for religious persecutions, murder of religious minorities, and human rights violations is Islam.

Black contends that a House resolution will not solve the problem or abate the crisis, stating a conversation needs to take place now and “plant a stake in the ground declaring the will of Congress on this critical issue.”

Good luck with that, Rep. Black. It’s kind of hard for Congress to take a “stand” and “declare” anything when they go along with Obama in aiding and abetting the enemy; in other words, engage in treasonous activities. Tell us how you plan to get the Congressional Muslim Caucus, who wholeheartedly support Islam and all its tenets, to support such a resolution. Islam is Islam. Members of Congress will not even call out that it is Islam that promotes religious persecution and the murder of religious minorities in order to make Islam the world religion.

Black has forgotten that all government agencies have been infiltrated by the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, thanks to one Barack Hussein Obama. It also slipped her mind that Iranian born Muslim Valerie Jarrett is responsible for the boy king’s foreign policy. Evidently, she doesn’t realize that Obama is himself a Muslim.

She must need to put something forth to show her district she is doing something in Washington.

Black is hoping to send a message to those being attacked that “we will not remain idle in the face of this injustice.”

Unfortunately, the US will remain idle in the persecution of religious minorities in the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia as the administration and Congress are too busy aiding and abetting our enemies, supporting Islam by conceding to the whim of Muslims, aiding in the downfall of Israel, and trying to eradicate their own citizens’ individual unalienable rights to do anything but foam at the mouth. Black, like all the rest, has buried her head in the sand of political correctness by refusing to name the culprit of this barbaric persecution – Islam.

Rep. Black, you are wasting your time, the people’s time and taxpayer money. You see, Obama is a Muslim and stands with Islam. Congress capitulates to Obama. No one in the administration will identify Islam as the root cause of these religious and ethnic cleansings and persecutions. And, the government has been infiltrated by a terrorist organization at the highest levels including intelligence. The federal government and Congress, which includes you, are committing treason by aiding and abetting the enemy with weapons and supplies. As you see, it’s hard to take you seriously.

Until you, and everyone else, are willing to remove the treasonous Obama, his ilk, his henchmen, and members of Congress involved in treason, members of the terrorist organization in government positions, and accomplices, this is going nowhere and you know it. Let’s just call this what it is – a show, since you got re-elected in 2014. If you are sincerely concerned about religious freedom, call out Islam for what it is; then, maybe you could be taken seriously.

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