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Rep. Lauren Boebert Facing Calls to Be Censured for Mocking Ilhan Omar

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Published on: November 28, 2021

One of the reasons why Leftists generally despise Christianity is because Leftism is a religion in itself, and one that abhors competition. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Tito’s Handmade) has prayed to George Floyd, who is depicted as Christ himself at Catholic University of America. Now Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has run afoul of the House Inquisition by mocking one of its most sacred and revered figures, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu). There are calls for Boebert to be censured and stripped of her committee assignments, all because she made a joke at Omar’s expense. Thought experiment: If Omar had made a joke at Boebert’s expense, would she be facing calls to be censured today? Come on, man! She would be lionized everywhere and hailed as the funniest member of Congress since Elizabeth Warren. (What’s that? Warren is serious?)

It all started Thursday, when Patriot Takes, a Leftist Twitter account, published a video of Boebert addressing a friendly crowd. “Actually I have an Ilhan story for you,” Boebert begins, and the crowd laughs appreciatively. “So the other night on the House floor was not my first Jihad Squad moment,” Boebert continued. She was referring to her response to the recent censure of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) for mocking another Leftist sacred cow, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Ditz).

Boebert, as Stephen Kruiser details here, skewered Democrat hypocrisy in a fiery speech in which she foresaw what is happening to her now. “Democrat policies are so pathetic,” Boebert said, “and have done so poorly that the left has nothing better to do but troll the internet looking for ways to get offended and then try to target members and strip them of their committees. This is a dumb waste of the House’s time. But since the Speaker has designated the floor to discuss members’ inappropriate actions, shall we? The Jihad Squad member from Minnesota has paid her husband, and not her brother-husband, the other one, over a million dollars in campaign funds. This member is allowed on the foreign affairs committee while praising terrorists.”

Boebert continued her “Ilhan story” by saying: “I was getting into an elevator with one of my staffers. And he and I were leaving the Capitol, we’re going back to my office, we get in the elevator, and I see a Capitol Police officer running, hurriedly, to the elevator. I see threat all over his face, and he’s reaching. The door’s shutting, and I can’t open it. What’s happening? I look to my left, and there she is: Ilhan Omar. And I said, ‘Well, she doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine.’”

Omar herself claimed this never even happened: “Fact, this buffoon looks down when she sees me at the Capitol, this whole story is made up. Sad she thinks bigotry gets her clout. Anti-Muslim bigotry isn’t funny & shouldn’t be normalized. Congress can’t be a place where hateful and dangerous Muslims tropes get no condemnation.”

Her friends and colleagues were just as enraged. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Race Baiting) claimed that the House “is a toxic work environment for Muslim members and staff when bigots routinely spew racist, Islamophobic vitriol unchecked and with no consequence.” Bush speaks from knowledge, as she knows a great deal about bigots spewing vitriol.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Hey, I’m In The Squad Too) tweeted: “Shameful, deeply offensive & dangerous. Yet another blatant display of Islamophobia targeting @IlhanMN[.] These comments are personally hurtful, legitimately endanger her & the broader Muslim community. Rhetoric like this must be denounced & anyone spewing it held to account.”

Of course. Whenever a Republican (such as Gosar, Boebert, or Marjorie Taylor Greene) stops behaving like Mitt Romney, he or she has to be impeached, or censured, or discredited and marginalized by whatever means possible. The fact that Boebert was quite obviously making a joke doesn’t mean a thing to the grim, self-righteous Left. Patriot Takes was full of fine indignation, huffing: “If Lauren Boebert, at a campaign event, suggested Ilhan Omar was a threat to blow up the US Capitol Building, is that enough for Boebert to be stripped of committee assignments?”

But did Boebert really suggest that Omar was a genuine threat, or just poke fun at her well-known positive stance toward anti-Israel terrorism and even more notorious anti-Americanism? It’s extremely unlikely that Boebert really thinks that Omar is going to set off a bomb in the Capitol, and quite likely that she was skewering the fact that Omar sets off metaphorical bombs regularly, with her inveterate anti-Semitism, flouting of immigration law, and contempt for the nation that welcomed her as a refugee. But for the party of humorless scolds, the fact that one was making a joke is no defense. Ilhan Omar, one of the shining examples of the Democrats’ commitment to diversity and multiculturalism (and increasing anti-Israel and anti-American stances), was mocked; Lauren Boebert must pay.

An odd part of Boebert’s story, about which nothing has so far been said, is the role of the Capitol Police officer who came running up. Assuming the story happened as Boebert told it, why was he hurrying to get to the elevator? To think that he was worried for Boebert’s safety is preposterous; Capitol Police officers would know better than to do something so “Islamophobic.” It’s more likely that the officer was rushing up to make sure that Omar herself would be safe riding in an elevator with an “insurrectionist,” as Omar called Boebert on November 17. Boebert may get censured for implying that Omar was a terror threat, but Omar and her allies among House Democrats apparently really think Boebert is a terror threat. But there is no chance they will be censured for that. That’s not how the game is played.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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