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Rep. Peter King Gives Brussels Undeserved Pass on Islamic Terror Attack

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Published on: April 11, 2016

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) appeared on “The Cat’s Roundtable” radio show on New York AM 970s on Sunday discussing the topic of Syrian refugees. In a stunning admission by a member of Congress, Rep. King confirmed what many Americans have been proclaiming – Hussein Soetoro’s plan to admit 100,000 Syrian refugees into the united States is potentially dangerous. Why? King told host John Catsimatidis, “There is no way that we can be assured that the refugees coming from Syria are not ISIS terrorists.”

Gee whiz Peter, ya think? Out of millions of Americans who see this as a problem, 535 members of Congress cannot figure that out when privy to vast amounts of intelligence information the rest of the public doesn’t have. It’s absolutely amazing Rep. King made the admission. When Dennis Michael Lynch confronted Rep. King about an “emergency station” at the border containing water and instructions in English, Spanish and Chinese, King was speechless and hung his head in shame as though he knew about it while claiming ignorance.

King went on to point out that Brussels was ill prepared or “not equipped” to handle the terrorist attacks that occurred, even though they had warnings that attacks could happen. He opined that even 14 years after 9/11 and months after the Paris attacks, the cities of Europe are not taking the ISIS threat seriously. While claiming that Britain had fared better, King pointed to the “loose borders” of Europe and the lack of sharing intelligence as examples of being ill prepared.

King claimed that after 9/11, many nations of Europe claimed the united States was over-reacting to the terrorist threat when requesting passenger manifests from flights originating in Europe to check for terrorist ties. He reiterated the loose borders of Europe allowed individuals to go through unimpeded to Turkey then Syria to be trained by ISIS. Once their training is complete, King said these individuals come back to Europe.

The irony of King speaking about the “loose borders” of Europe contributing to terrorism, while the united States has the same issue because of the Hussein Soetoro administration, is almost poetic. Unfortunately, Rep. King fails to identify the true problem. The governments of Europe are run by multicultural supremacists who judge Islam and Muslims by their own values, instead of seeing Islam as it truly is.

While these multicultural supremacist ding-dongs look down their noses at those who are nationalist, terrorists, criminals, and government parasites are flooding their nations by the millions. Governments of the various European nations shove their own citizens to the back burner in favor of the Islamic invasion. Muslims sexually violate children and women as police look the other way or chastise those who speak out. European volunteers and advocates of this invasion have suffered abuse at the hands of Muslims. Time and again, before the Muslim invasion started, Muslims revealed their lack of desire to assimilate to European governments and citizens – Muslim only zones cropped up and police refused to enter these areas. The message was clear. It was ignored. Governments would not deal with the issues, claiming some sort of political correct bull manure of inclusivity. Today, we are witness to the result.

He did correctly identify the problem in Europe as affecting the united States through the work Visa program whereby these jihadists could enter our nation under the work Visa program. He claimed this program has been tightened; however, the perpetrator of bypassing laws, ignoring laws and unilaterally creating new ones refuses to follow court orders or congressional “advice.” Hussein Soetoro imports hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Muslims from other countries into this nation, refusing Christians, without anyone knowing anything about these individuals. It’s difficult to take Rep. King seriously as he identifies the problems in Europe while ignoring what the Hussein Soetoro administration is doing and the similarities occurring in the united States. King himself is part of the complicit, compliant Congress that bends to every whim of Hussein Soetoro, the rantings of the political correct minority, and the multicultural supremacists’ intent on turning this nation into one reminiscent of the third world.

He claims these attacks should be a “wake up call” to Europe. Has anyone seen the alarm go off there? If it did, European governments silenced it in their willingness to destroy their own western culture and values.

Rep. King may give European governments, in particular Brussels, a pass on being ill equipped to handle terrorist attacks. However, these governments and the European Union do not deserve it. Those entities are willing participants in welcoming the Islamic invasion in order for Islam to rule the continent of Europe. The administration of the united States is doing the exact same thing, with a complicit Congress. Instead of giving the European Union and the various nations’ governments a pass, these traitors to their own nations and citizens should be called out for the evil bastards they are, especially in light of the information that Brussels officials knew about the attack before it happened.

With King’s poor record of supporting the Constitution, CR score of 33%, he is hardly one to discuss 9/11 or any problem in Europe with “loose borders” as he fails to uphold his oath of office. Just like every other politician in Washington, DC, King is a hypocrite, a charlatan, and a complicit player in the destruction of this nation. While he may claim to the public he believes it is dangerous to admit unvetted Muslims to this nation (for in reality, it is), he would be working on measures to stop it if he actually believed it. The fact that he nor anyone else in Congress is doing so places all in the same boat as the EU and the governments of each European nation.

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