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Rep. Sherman Warns Obama Can Still Get His Wanted Iran Deal

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Published on: August 1, 2015

By now, intelligent Americans realize or should realize that our constitutional republic is long gone. Our nation changed into a dictatorship by the decision of one man with the complicity of Congress. If there is any doubt, one Democrat warns that Obama can still get the deal he wants regarding the Iran Nuke Deal, even if Congress were to override his veto. California Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman grilled Secretary of State John Kerry over whether the administration would follow the law, should Congress reject Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal. Kerry dodged a direct answer by “refusing to deal with a hypothetical.”

Sherman, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, indicated to reporters that several options were available to Obama to thwart a Congressional veto override.

“First, he may simply announced that every bank that does business with Iran in accordance with the deal will not face the sanctions in the Menendez-Kirk amendment, as reinstated and strengthened by the Corker deal, as activated by the veto override. So, number one, ignore US statue,” Sherman explained.

“Number two, he will tell the rest of the world to follow the deal and do business with Iran as specified in the deal, saying it is the responsible thing to do.”

Sherman, who is currently undecided on the deal, went further to say that Obama could go to foreign countries and persuade their governments to mandate that their banks do business with Iran even if the banks are scared to do so to the full extent of the deal.

“He might go to foreign countries and say, ‘Look maybe your banks are reluctant to do business with Iran, because they fear this Congress will somehow get them maybe they’ll need a push, so I’ll speak to your parliament.”

As many documented incidences of Obama’s lies and criminality show, Obama cares not for the law, will violate the law at his whim, and will make a mockery of the law and those charged with creating it. This is a dictator, not a president of a free nation, and these are also the actions of a criminal.

The Senate gave away their constitutional duty through “fast track authority” on the Iran Deal, plain and simple. There is a reason the framer’s included Senate “advice and consent” approval to treaties negotiated by the executive. It matters not what Obama calls it — deal, agreement, arrangement — it is a treaty.

These charlatans passed the Corker deal thinking Obama would follow it—he will, up to the point he decides he won’t. Why should he? The fraudulent, criminal, illegal occupier of the Oval Office Obama neutered Congress quite effectively with the “race” card, “white privilege” nonsense, and political rhetoric he pulled out of his backside. On top of that, coercion, extortion and blackmail hastened the retreat of Congress to a bunch of toothless bulldogs who can only bark. Add in the Republican traitors sitting in both chambers, and it is quite clear Congress no longer represents US citizens. Instead, Congress plays the window dressing for the constitutional republic farce this nation has become.

Sherman went on to explain it will be harder for the next president and administration to undo the damage.

“And so, the next president would be in a circumstance of saying, ‘Do we punish Italian banks, because they did what the last president asked them to do? What the whole world suggested they do? What their own government required them to do?’ It would be very hard to cut off all Italian banks from the US banking system, because they did business with Iran and in 2016 in a manner required by and encouraged by our president,” the California Democrat said.

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler commented to reporters on Obama’s attempt to persuade undecided Democrats on the deal with Iran.

“[His] message was this was important and that if we wanted to avert a nuclear bomb in Iranian hands, we have to vote ‘yes’ on this. There’s no other way. There are no other alternatives that bear close scrutiny. That was [the president’s] message.”

Typical Obama — his way and no other way. But, that’s how dictatorships operate.

According to the Daily Caller, undecided Democrats “appear to be waiting on New York Sen. Chuck Schumer to decide where he stands on the Iran deal, as some think others will follow his lead.”

So, Democrats are waiting on Chuck Schumer to take their cue. Why is that not comforting?

Sherman stated, “This is not a treaty. Its’ not a legislative executive agreement. It is the lowest form of temporary accommodation between a group of national leaders. Under the Vienna convention on treaties this is as low as you can go. As far as being binding it is not binding at all on anybody.”

First of all, this “Vienna convention on treaties” has no impact on the Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution. Our Constitution is quite clear on the president’s ability to negotiate treaties involving the US — Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2. However, Sherman negates to acknowledge the Senate’s role in this debacle by relinquishing their authority. Had the Senate maintained their constitutional authority, whatever this thing is that Obama “negotiated” (the term is used loosely) would not have passed the “sniff” test, meaning there would not be a deal in which the US would be a participant. Nor, would some of these “side deals” have been secret, and any P5 plus 1 UN cooperative “follow Obama’s train wreck” to give Iran a nuclear bomb would not have been considered.

Continuing, Sherman indicated, “But what we have to do is prevent confusion in America and around the world. If it’s not a treaty, not second to a treaty, and not third to a treaty — if it’s the lowest level, but the image of it looks like a ratified treaty, then politically it is and legally it isn’t.”

Well, Rep. Sherman, it looks as though the Senate created quite a conundrum, didn’t they? Only to those in Congress is this a conundrum. It matters not what something is “politically.” The “legality” overrides all. At this point, the lines between legal, constitutional, lawful, criminal, political, and illegal are blurred to the point it’s difficult for anyone in the District of Corruption to know which end is up, much less how to tell the difference between their backside and a hole in the ground. But, the plan is to “operate” globally, referencing some international convention on treaties, instead of operating according to the US Constitution and our national sovereignty.

The problem arises for Sherman in the “picture” versus “statutory language.” He contends the US right to demand renegotiations in the next decade, could be very difficult if the “picture” consists of headlines such as “President Obama’s Iran Deal Wins Huge Victory in Congress.”

Unfortunately, it is moot to close the barn door after all the horses got out. Obama operates unconstrained by Congress and has for quite some time. Instead of following the law of the land and drafting articles of impeachment against the usurper, Congress flails about like a fish out of water or runs around as a chicken with its head cut off, passing legislations Obama ignores, intends to ignore, or threatens to veto in a show for the people. If that’s not bad enough, some members of Congress express “confusion” since referencing some convention on treaties instead of our sovereign law. This is for appearances sake. There is no confusion.

Things get no better from here on out. The US has approximately 18 months of Obama left, if he even leaves office. And, Obama will surely triple his doubled- down “destruction” of America as the transformation is complete.

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