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Republican Grills John Kerry on Iran Deal: You’ve been Fleeced

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Published on: July 27, 2015

Senator Corker may have had the best line of the day when he informed Kerry that he had been “fleeced” by the Iranian regime. But Senator Risch (R-OH) has a contender for best response as well telling Secretary Kerry that he had been “bamboozled.”


It’s not just Republican politicians who are worried about this deal… the EXPERTS are too. The New York Times has more on what the experts are saying:

Olli Heinonen, a former deputy director of the agency (the International Atomic Energy Agency), said in an interview that while “it is clear that a facility of sizable scale cannot simply be erased in three weeks’ time without leaving traces,” the more likely risk is that the Iranians would pursue smaller-scale but still important nuclear work, such as manufacturing uranium components for a nuclear weapon.

“A 24-day adjudicated timeline reduces detection probabilities exactly where the system is weakest: detecting undeclared facilities and materials,” he said.

David Albright, the president of the Institute for Science and International Security and a former weapons inspector in Iraq, also said that three weeks might be ample time for the Iranians to dispose of any evidence of prohibited nuclear work. Among the possibilities, he said, were experiments with high explosives that could be used to trigger a nuclear weapon, or the construction of a small plant to make centrifuges.

“If it is on a small scale, they may be able to clear it out in 24 days,” Mr. Albright said in a telephone interview. “They are practiced at cheating. You can’t count on them to make a mistake.”


It may have been Senator Rubio, though, who brought some of the best criticism and offered the most pointed attacks against this terrible deal. Senator Rubio issued this statement after the hearing:

“Despite their bluster and maneuvering at the United Nations, the Obama Administration admitted today what we already knew: the next president is under no legal or moral obligation to keep this flawed deal. This is President Obama’s deal with Iran, and our allies and adversaries alike should take careful notice about Secretary Kerry’s acknowledgment today about the limits of the agreement, the fact that neither the American people nor their elected representatives in Congress support this deal, and that if the next president returns America to its rightful indispensable role in the world, Iran will be dealt with quite differently than it has been during the Obama Administration.

“This should have a chilling effect for any business thinking about investing in Iran and setting up operations there. This deal will not outlive this administration, and international businesses that move in to Iran in the coming months need to know they will lose everything if the next president chooses not to continue granting Iran the national security waiver this president is pursuing, or if Iran once again fails to keep its promises.

“Today’s hearing also raises more questions about whether the American people and the world are supposed to believe the Obama Administration’s assurances on key aspects of the deal, or if we’re supposed to believe the actual text of the nuclear agreement. The agreement states very clearly that the U.S. would be obligated to help Iran against future efforts to sabotage its nuclear program, but Secretary Kerry said today that is absolutely not the case.

“Iran is led by an evil regime that has never lived up to its previous international agreements, is currently involved in sponsoring terrorism and remains unrepentant in its desire to destroy the United States and Israel. Instead of legitimizing them and rewarding them as President Obama has done, we should be standing with our allies in opposition to Iran in word and deed.”

Here’s video of Senator Rubio’s confrontation with Senator Kerry over the deal and you can see a full transcript of his remarks here.



Fox News also recently broke the story that makes the entire situation even worse.

Apparently, Congress isn’t even learning the full extent of the Iran deal because Kerry doesn’t actually know either!

You may also want to see Senator Corker’s full opening remarks from Thursday’s hearing.


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