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Revival Of A Dark American History

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Published on: April 24, 2021

From the Declaration of Independence to the emancipation of slavery, a forced conversion over American society continues evolving socially and spiritually. The Founding Christian principals of God’s law and the nature of God has embraced millions worldwide to experience freedom from tyranny as America welcomes a million immigrants each year.

Past immigrants assimilated to achieve their full potential. Today, most immigrants will not assimilate, but integrate their culture led by a social justice mentality and reverting back to a darker period of American history where migrants were used as a bargaining chip for plantation style slavery.

Today’s sanctuary city policies are yesterday’s plantation, harnessing cheap labor into an area of observation and social control.

While basic Constitutional principals exist today, there are those willing to sacrifice liberty for social equity to replace a common belief that we are all created equal under the law yet, separate by color and societal economics.

The great divide is between those having been privileged to those who bear generational poverty. These social justice warriors create and institutionalize discrimination of shaming, boycotting and intimidation while burning buildings to equalize the social fabric of us versus them.

This concept of utopia is that which an individual achievement must not advance any faster than those less willing, less capable or the proverbial “non-white.”  It is a concept of social engineering between the haves and have nots. It is to erase history and replace with a social experiment of human behavior based on ethnicity and social economics.

This incubator of social engineering is diabolical and cruel. Forced integration is just as equally wrong as segregation.  Forced equity is just as equally wrong as condemning societal achievements.

Americans have achieved success from those willing to become the fabric of a woven tapestry which includes all walks of life. States like Minnesota stand passively by with sanctuary city polices, which are a plantation mentality of social re-engineering of human behavior and a disavowing the nature of God and the freedoms America has to offer.

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