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Rhode Island Bisexual State Senator Introduces Bill That Would Punish Parents Who Don’t Inject Their Offspring

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Published on: April 22, 2022

Americans, because you have failed to deal appropriately with those in government who violate the law, these criminals are emboldened to continue their violations while punishing you for failure to follow their unlawful orders. Policies, mandates, recommendations, and guidelines are not laws; but, various levels of government are treating them as such because of the CONvid-1984. As predicted, these ridiculous dictatorial edicts will not stop until Americans rise up and say, “enough”.

Just last week, Philadelphia re-introduced mask mandates while the unlawful restrictions were easing elsewhere. Far worse than Philadelphia, Rhode Island State Senator Sam Bell introduced legislation to double the income tax of Rhode Island parents who refuse to inject their offspring with the CONvid poison AND fine those same parents $50 per month for their refusal. Bell justified the bill saying there is support in the State for “vaccine” mandates. Yet, what Bell proposes is a clearly unlawful, violating the God-given individual unalienable rights of parents and offspring who refuse to be injected with poison. It is unconstitutional as well under the equal protection clause of the Constitution for the united States of America.

The Gateway Pundit has more on the story.

Rhode Island Democrats want to punish the parents of children who refused to submit to the COVID vaccine mandates.

If passed, the bill will financially cripple individuals by doubling their personal income tax and requiring them to pay a monthly fine of $50.

State Senator Samuel Bell is the lead legislator backing the bill, which mandates all Rhode Island residents, workers, and taxpayers receive a COVID-19 vaccine as well as any subsequent boosters that the state’s director of the department of health shall require.

The bill can be read here –

This piece of legislation applies to all individuals over the age of 16 years and those under age 16 but over 10 years of age. Moreover, it provides for an “exemption”, but the requirements are extraordinarily difficult, which amounts to causing extreme hardship. To obtain an exemption for their offspring, parents are required to have three doctors/physicians claim the offspring is “unfit” for injection. The offspring are required to sign the form as well plus the form is to be notarized.

Most parents have one pediatrician or physician who cares for the family. This piece of legislation requires parents to seek out physicians who do not know the history of their offspring nor the family in order to obtain an exemption. While many physicians are perfectly comfortable recommending or pushing treatments without a full history or knowing a “patient”, physicians are not so comfortable and will more than likely refuse to issue second and third opinions regarding exemptions, justifying their decision with, “I don’t know the individual or patient’s medical history well enough to form an opinion”.

If a parent obtains an exemption for their offspring, the Rhode Island Department of Health has the power to “investigate” the exemption and reject the exemption if “it” finds insufficient medical grounds to justify the exemption. The legislation does not contain any sanctions or punishments for physicians/doctors who, in consultation, issue an exemption. However, you can be assured that will occur through the State’s medical board should the situation arise – and, physicians know it. How many physicians will be willing to stick their neck out to protect children from being injected with a poison? That’s easy to surmise because very few have objected to the use of experimental technology on adults thus far.

Employers who fail to comply with this legislation will be saddled with monetary monthly civil penalties of $5,000 per violation, unless the employee works “strictly” remotely.

The rejection of the exemption by the department of health can be appealed via superior court, meaning additional costs to families in lawyer fees, expert witnesses, court filing fees, etc. This places an extraordinary burden on families experiencing financial hardships caused by unreasonable, unlawful, unconstitutional, and criminal government actions at all levels.

Bell has two motivations for this legislation, according to The Gateway Pundit.

Bell, who is personally motivated due to an ailing newborn son with a compromised immune system, was joined by Senators Mack, Acosta, Anderson, Seveney, and Mendes in introducing this bill.

To justify the legislation, Bell has pointed critics in the direction of a Boston Globe piece by journalist Dan McGowan that makes the claim that nearly 65% of residents support a statewide mandate. This number comes from a survey that was conducted by a ‘joint project’ known as the COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public Police Preferences Across States.

What McGowan and Bell fail to mention is that the methodology of the survey—which was rubberstamped by Harvard, Northeastern, Rutgers, and Northwestern—states plainly that it is a ‘nonprobability sample‘ done using an online tool created for market research.

That’s a highbrow way of saying ‘this survey isn’t at all representative of the population and, in fact, it’s not even random sampling at all.’

Bell is motivated by having an ill newborn son and an unreliable “survey”. It doesn’t matter Bell’s personal motivations. It doesn’t matter if 99% of individuals favor an injection “mandate” or law. The government’s job is to protect the God-given individual unalienable rights of the people, period, end of story, regardless of what the majority believe, think, favor, or support. That is the difference between a democracy and a republic. If the difference has to be further explained to you, you are part of the problem.

Americans, if you don’t stand now, be prepared to kneel going forward to everything and anything these wannabe tyrants throw at you. Because submission to their unreasonable tyrannical measures was swift, these tyrants continue to push tyranny, punishment, and penalties on the people for exercising God-given individual unalienable rights. Let that sink in. You cannot continue to submit and retain your rights.

It’s long past time to get off the fence – all you’re doing is getting splinters in your backside.

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